Zak told Yarnbombing / Eleven Bouge Festival

Hello Z’amis!

The Onze Bouge Festival to start on Wednesday, May 31st! And the Place L├ęon Blum, facing the Mairie du 11e is nicely decorated with knitting and crocheting!
I am proud to show you the result:

­čÖé Thank you to the many people who participated in this beautiful project! Thanks to the places that have welcomed us since January and especially thanks to the team of Eleze moves without whom all this would never have existed!
Let me introduce you to the team:

Zak told Yarnbombing / Eleven Bouge Festival yarnbombing festival eleven bouge
Me , Caroline Loire co-director general, artistic director, technical coordinator, Sabrina Slimani co-director general, artistic director without whom yarnbombing would not be there, Nathalie Sassi in charge of prod but especially without whom the appointments and the follow-up of the kilometers of knitting would not exist either, Roxanne Salles and Justine Lemonnier, the great girls of the prod and faithful to the rv knitting!
THANK YOU GIRLS ! The place is beautiful and really represents what we had in mind! Solidarity, colors and sharing! I am SUPER proud of Us!


We wish to associate to this artistic project a large gathering for Tricoter Solidaire on the place L├ęon Blum, the Sunday, June 4th , with a maximum of knitters who will be the high point of this action. We will knit for the little brothers of the Poor. At the end of this installation, the wool used will be recycled reused by a charity.

On Sunday the Z’amis! Kisses!


Zak told Yarnbombing / Eleven Bouge Festival yarnbombing festival eleven bouge

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