Zak said: Write a book!

Hello Z’amis!

I think everything is in the title. ­čśÇ

I wrote my first book to Carpentier editions for Berg├Ęre de France . What an adventure and what a job! In the end I’ll be very proud of my first, and not last, Do It Yourself Tricot / Crochet book.

Here’s the cover to put your mouth water ­čśë

Zak said: Write a book! write

Oh yes you also discover my unpronounceable surname … hehe, I did not choose but I like my name. In short, this had nothing to do with the article … I must announce that my book will be presented at the show Creation and Know-How and that I will be signing Thursday, November 20 afternoon on the stand Editions Carpentier – Tutti Frutti D087, so I’m waiting for you a lot that day.

And guess what? I save you 2 more seats for the show. ­čśë
To your comments (with valid email address ­čÖé)

The 2 winners are: Teace Pondy and Step by step, thank you all for participating ­čÖé

Zak said: Write a book! write

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