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Hello Z’amis,

From the North Sea to the Atlantic Ocean, today I present “Knitwear & Sweaters Marine Luce Smits editions of Martinière. Zak said Knitwear & Sweaters sweaters knitwear   Zak said Knitwear & Sweaters sweaters knitwear   «Sweaters, jackets, scarves, accessories … More than 45 models sheets are gathered in this beautiful book. Horizontal diamonds, double twists, small waves, checkers, wedding lines, anchors, crosses, points more than a century old, all from the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Taken with talent and generously proposed by Luce Smits, fashion designer who has been developing unique pieces for over fifty years, these pulleys are also the memory of an era. Sorted by region of origin – Cournouailles, East and North East of England, East and North East of Scotland, Aran Islands in Ireland – these knits of characters remain timeless.

A true journey through time and stitching, this book, along with the stories of sailors’ expeditions to the discovery of the New World, pays homage to men who have disappeared at sea. ”

💛When I received this book, I confess to having been a little intrigued by the title, I was expecting to find marinières and the umpteenth torsion sweater, or with a jacquard ink marine … but not at all!

I opened the first page and there stroke of heart, it begins with the verses of a poem of Baudelaire which I like very much – The trip. The author takes us on a journey with her. A sweet journey of childhood memories in England and knitting she wants to “modestly” convey. She speaks of “valuable know-how” which must continue to be transmitted, and I absolutely agree, the know-how is precious, let’s transmit it!

The book is in two parts, early history with beautiful illustrations and photos. The texts are well written and we plunge into memories of schools. Luce Smits, tells us that the points used in the book are inspired by the reasons for sweatshirts that were transmitted by his grandmother to his mother, his mother to her, and her for us. I learned a lot, it even allowed me to revise a little. From Columbus to today knitting will have no secrets for you … or almost.

Then comes the second part of the trip, we discover the bosses. They are of a high quality, the finishes are well done and the achievements well explained. Sweaters, vests, jackets, hats and scarves we (re) discover really beautiful dots and patterns. Each boss has his story, and sometimes, is accompanied by a few verses. I repeat, this beautiful book is a trip to the sea, both soft (many merino) and sometimes stormy because attention, this book is not really suitable for beginners, you should know a little knitting to understand some techniques . There are however scarves and hats with great points to achieve.

Ready to go to sea?

” Free man, always you will cherish the sea !
The sea is your mirror, you contemplate your soul
In the infinite course of his blade »
Charles Baudelaire – Man and the sea

Zak said Knitwear & Sweaters sweaters knitwear

Kisses the Z’amis!


Zak said Knitwear & Sweaters sweaters knitwear

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