Zak said Knit your Kama-Sutra

⚠️Caution you must be over 18 to read this sexy knit item … 🔞

Hello Z’amis!

Today is the day before the weekend, I will try to warm up the atmosphere with a book of knitting a little naughty! (It may give some ideas to the sun …)
“Knit your Kama-sutra” from Trixie Von Purl edited by Prisma.
Zak said Knit your Kama-Sutra sutra   Zak said Knit your Kama-Sutra sutra

“Knitting is synonymous with boredom and talking about your grandmother or long winter evenings? Thanks to Trixie von Purl, your vision will change!
Have fun creating 12 couples kama-sutra and knit the characters, but also their clothes and accessories.
The union of the lotus, the luminous triangle, the chaise longue … introduce yourself to these ancestral and naughty positions, and use this guide to imagine shifted stagings where your characters will be able to frolic freely. ”

💛Ok ok, 🙂 I do not know if we can really talk about crush, but in any case we can say that this book did not leave me indifferent! I laughed and that’s already very good!

You will understand, the title informs you that you will knit on the theme of Kama-sutra! Funny, quirky and rather naughty well done!
This book is a real illustrated guide that offers you to knit by revising, re-discovering 12 very hot positions of the Kama-sutra as the luminous triangle, the chaise longue, the liana, the monkey, the Indrani, the union of the elephant, or even the union of the lotus … and all this in different atmospheres, at the office, in an airplane, in a hut in the woods, in a jacuzzi … What you fill your head with wool and yum ideas!

The author took care for each of the 12 sensual creations, to provide a detailed introduction on the position of love, a technical description that explains step by step how to knit the characters and accessories – from the photocopier to the bottle of champagne through the slip – and a card that details the necessary equipment (number of balls, needles …).

Go ahead, let go! Do not stay wiser while knitting! Zak said Knit your Kama-Sutra sutra

Oh yes, anyway! I had to show you this: The erotic V at the office Zak said Knit your Kama-Sutra sutra

Beyond the position etc … know that you can knit the entire photo, clothes, briefcase, suit and especially (my favorite) the photocopier! 💛

Zak said Knit your Kama-Sutra sutra

Kisses the Z’amis! Be naughty!

Love is in the meadow : The lounge chair in a barn Zak said Knit your Kama-Sutra sutra

Zak said Knit your Kama-Sutra sutra

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