Zak said & Friends: Urban & Green / Needlebox

Hello hello!

Let’s continue the presentations! Today the star designer for the exhibition Urban & Green is none other than my friend Olivia Lopez aka Needlebox on social networks!

I love Olivia, not because her Spanish accent sings the sun (even though) but for its great sweetness and incomparable generosity! She is always sharing, offering, transmitting! It’s incredible ! A little like Frida Kahlo, Olivia smells of mexico and warm colors, she travels with her creations, she gives without counting, she transmits cultures, she does all that by communicating her joy! It’s good for all that I love Olivia! ☀

His little portrait: Zak said & Friends: Urban & Green / Needlebox urban needlebox green friends   I met Olivia some time ago, we immediately have “a-hook”! 😀 A bit like me it’s a touch to everything that hacks and transforms objects! We had the opportunity to work together on several projects, workshops, yarnbombing, exhibitions … and once I had the chance to participate in an exhibition with him, our theme “Ex-voto”. I had drawn, embroidered and crocheted a heart (if I find the photo I will show you), we had fun and especially our vision of art and its transmission was the same! I did not hesitate 1 second to ship with me in this exhibition!

To find Olivia and her creations it’s about Instagram

Thank you Z’amis, kisses and see you soon!


Zak said & Friends: Urban & Green / Needlebox urban needlebox green friends

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