Zak said Everyone can sew

Hello Z’amis,

We continue this week of creative sharing with a sewing book: Everyone can sew editions The unpublished by Louise Scheers blog The fads of Louise ­čĺŤ Zak said Everyone can sew everyone

Zak said Everyone can sew everyone   “Sewing at the machine is a breeze!

Finally make your first steps in sewing thanks to Louise of the blog The fads of Louise . Clear and didactic, this book is the must for all those who dare to embark. The principle is simple: as soon as you learn a lesson, you will put it into practice by creating a couture creation!

  • Discover all the secrets of your sewing machine for easy handling, but also everything you need to know about fabrics, materials, etc.
  • Learn the basics of sewing through 15 detailed and richly illustrated lessons (The different stitches, sewing a hem, sewing an angle, quilting a fabric, sewing a buttonhole, etc.).
  • Make 15 lovely models! Tablecloth or kit, mobile for children or choker, skirt or smock dress … be proud of your creations!

Projects full of charm, simple to realize with the machine because Louise does not stop repeating it:
Everyone can sew! ”

­čĺŤI like this sewing book perfect for beginners but also for those who already know how to sew! In addition, if you are afraid to get started immediately, there are 14 pages to explain how a sewing machine works, choose its thread and its fabrics, prepare well for its future project … for each creation you find the time of realization and the difficulty of the lesson.

This book takes all the basics and the principle is very ingenious: A technique in lesson well explained = A realization that goes with! Top !
Congratulations Louise for this beautiful work!

And as she says “everyone can sew” whether you’re a boy, a girl, old, young, creative or a little less, get started!

Blow of heart for the cushion cover in floral poplin and plain linen! While mini Zak seems to prefer the little cute skirt ­čĺŤ

Zak said Everyone can sew everyone

Zak said Everyone can sew everyone

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