Zak said “Central Heating”

Hello Z’amis!

Tuesday, March 28, I went to see “Central Heating” by the Central Committee play at the theater of La Boutonnière!

Zak said "Central Heating" heating central

Here is the synopsis:

“The earth is plunged under a wave of cold the people relentably submits to the authoritarian regime of the Great Chauffagiste. The dispute is organized.

Small creatures with a body temperature of 37 degrees Celsius, this thermal utopia is for you: In the 21st century, a wave of heat waves sweeps across the earth and pushes humanity to undress. After decades of idleness spent basking in its tropical heat, the liberated bodies forget a long-time knowledge acquired by their ancestors: the ability to heat themselves.

Suddenly, the temperatures fall, inaugurating an era now cold. Only one being had preserved this precious calorific know-how: the only descendant of a long line of Plombiers Chauffagistes, who then saves his people from freezing.
The totalitarian regime of the Grand Chauffagiste was born and its executive body established: the Central Committee.
After long peaceful years during which the people benefit blissfully from this newfound heat, The Central Committee meets little by little opponents …

This play is the theater of two visions of the world. Take a seat, choose your side. ”

Just arrived in the queue to enter the theater a group of people jump on you to make you choose a camp! I like this sentence on their flyer “No to heating facho! Long live the knitting! »Sit comfortably on the theater bench, get ready to have a good time and especially to knit!

In this piece, we talk about knitting, wool, global warming, power … many beautiful things (or not) about our society! A fresh and enlightened look with humor, word games, a very well thought out scenic game! I had a wonderful evening!

This nice piece takes place in an intimate place: La Boutonnière theater at 25 Rue Popincourt 75011 Paris! You can take your tickets on discount ticket right here , talk about it around you, it’s good and good for us art and culture!

Next performance Tuesday, April 4th at 8:30 pm!

Psst … it’s not over 😉 The troupe is so great and so nice that it allows me to earn you 2 times 2 places to go see them! So ? we play ? Leave me a comment and feel free to share the info around you!
See you on Tuesday 4/04 at the theater ??
In addition to the end, you can even stay for a drink with the actors! You will see they are adorable!

Zak said "Central Heating" heating central

Kisses the Z’amis!


Zak said "Central Heating" heating central

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