Zak said back on a beautiful 2017 year!

Hello Z’amis! 😍

It’s almost the end of the year! And what a year! Rich in emotions, in meetings around beautiful tables of workshops, in love and shared joys and especially full of creations! Thank you from the bottom of my heart because it’s also thanks to you! ❤️

Here is a small (big) article that retraces my, our beautiful adventure of 2017!

The 18/02/2017 , I went to The Filouche Workshop in Chartres find Valérie and Olivier! When they contacted me in 2016, I immediately hooked with this great couple always ready to do anything to make things happen and allow customers to discover new techniques and materials! Thank you guys! 💋

On the program, knitting, crocheting and the sweet visit of the regulars and my darling mum who will see you come back!

The 24/02/2017 this is the day of the official launch of Tricot’Onze! The project of yarn bombing I told you about right here !

And toc the little official photo of Mr. Vauglin the Mayor of the 11th and me 😀 héhé! Zak said back on a beautiful 2017 year! beautiful

The 25/02/2017 we ended up at By Sophie in Paris in the 11th. Sophie opened her shop there is almost 1 year and a half, we met at the time when I was mercier 😉 We immediately adored, she is funny, I’m funny, obviously we matche !
Since then, she opened her pretty shop at 77 rue Oberkampf, a cozy and sweet place, where you can find something to do with her hands but also gifts for adults and children 👶🏾👶🏼👱🏼♀️👨🏿

The 4/03/2017 , en route to Brittany, I put my bags in Brest at Tuk Tuk Bazar at Sonia’s! Atmosphere like home, colors, small precious objects like treasure, travel and balls! We hooked pockets, apples, knitted headbands and especially a lot of laughs!

The 10/03/2017 , direction Alsace! I’m leaving for Kutzenhausen, in the Outre-Forêt for the spring of the balls! Discover the beautiful Alsace, its pretty villages and its inhabitants very warm! I keep a wonderful memory, everyone had folded in 4 so that I am the best possible! Thank you again for your invitation and the discovery of your beautiful region! Zak said back on a beautiful 2017 year! beautiful

The 11/03/17 , I spent the day in Reims, the morning for a crochet workshop and the afternoon to meet the Rémois at the Jean Falala Media Library and share a creative moment together!
Reims is the city where I go very often to find Sophie de Cherry ! 🍒 I think I met Sophie in 2015 or early 2016, I do not really know! Everything started with an exchange of little hearts on Instagram, and the launch of a workshop in his shop where I always find something for me or my entourage! At our first workshop there was like a thunderbolt and glitter between us, it’s as if we had always known! We laugh like whales every time and the workshops are always full! December 2016, the cameras of TF1 for the emission 7 to 8 Life followed me at her place, it was a great experience! Brief Reims, it’s “the place to be”! Zak said back on a beautiful 2017 year! beautiful

Always the 11/03/2017 , the afternoon I was at the media library Jean Falala to convey my passion and participate in the knitting project of it: Zak said back on a beautiful 2017 year! beautiful   The 17/03/2017 , here I go again for Alsace but this time for Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, at Salon Fashion and Fabrics . It’s a nice lounge where I have animated workshops around the trapilho and discovered the universe of many creators!

The 1/04/2017 , it smells of Brittany or not … I do not want to start a debate .. but I was in Nantes (haha, I already imagine the excited bulb say “But no Nantes is not Brittany!” … haha ) at Aurélia in her favorite shop Henry and Henriette ! We already knew each other for a little while with Aurélia, via the nice Marion of the blog Bibouchka who is a graphic designer / sewing teacher at H & H!
During a cuckoo on a living room, Aurélia proposed me to come to discover its universe and to make benefit the Nantais! What a good idea ! I loved the shop with a thousand colors! Aurelia traveled a lot between India and Mexico, so I felt like I was at home! Small birds, flowers, colorful patterns, ribbon, jacquard and joy! Back in picture on this good moment: Zak said back on a beautiful 2017 year! beautiful

Zak said back on a beautiful 2017 year! beautiful

The 8/04/2017 , here I go again for Mémère Cerise in Reims at Sophie’s little straw! This time it was pennants, colors and laughs and I even spent the weekend in Champagne!

The 20/05/2017 , discovery of Quincy-Voisins in the 77 for the Festinature ! The concept is great, we are in the park of Quincy Castle in the heart of nature! There were booths to discover insects, wood, sled dog, eat organic, discover local honey … etc. 🙂 A beautiful afternoon!

The 31/05/2017 , End of the hanging for the Yarnbombing that I organized with the Festival Eleven Bouge!

The 10/06/2017 , my suitcases take me to Normandy this time! Come on, we’re going to Caen, at ZODIO for a special day around the apple 🍎! Amandine, Damien, Ghislaine and the rest of their beautiful team have put the dishes in the big! All the store played the game! Decorated kitchen, tasting products around the apple, cider, haberdashery department my workshop apple crocheted! I had the visit of many people and we have (as usual) a lot of laughs!

The 17/06/2017 , I went back to see Olivier and Valérie in Chartres! This time at the Atelier de Filouche it was hot we could do all the workshops outside and in the sun! The regulars were there, and even my darling mom 💕 Zak said back on a beautiful 2017 year! beautiful

The 1/07/2017 , for my last date before the summer, I finish half of my tour of France at Sophie’s place of Mémère Cerise in Reims! Pennants, baskets and color! Joy, laughter and love! Zak said back on a beautiful 2017 year! beautiful   Zak said back on a beautiful 2017 year! beautiful

After the summer I spent in Portugal, in Lisbon, the 2/09/17 I’m going back to Brittany, I needed to remember the sand, the water and the sun! And I was served! Direction The Grands Mères Café Couture Lamballe at Christelle, a happy chineuse! In his chic and vintage shop we find everything! I still remember our mini walk to the sea between noon and two 😉 It was great! Thank you Christelle!

The 21/09/2017 : My baby has just come out! I’m proud to present “Smile, you knit! ” but not only ! My book with 40 patterns, crocheted and knit just released! At the launch party there were beautiful people! I was so proud! It was at Aurélie my greedy girlfriend of groceries Dare to Dare Fine in the 11th.

The 30/09/2017 , I went to Rennes, discover the beautiful shop Auguste and Penelope to meet Christel! And what a meeting! This little piece of woman I love it! The grip, the class, the creativity, the sharing and the dynamism! I loved my getaway in Rennes, laughed, ate well, shared on how to be together rather than everyone else! I think the shop is as pretty as Christel, there are beautiful French products and quality! The day before the workshop we had a little drink where I had the chance to have the surprise of Carmen, the winner of the show Cousu main 1.

The 7/10/2017 , see the picture below … I think it speaks for itself! I’m back at Sophie’s place in Reims! Joy ! 💝 Zak said back on a beautiful 2017 year! beautiful   A week later the 14/10/17 , I go back to Chartres to see my little team Olivier and Valérie! Like every time, the regulars, the jokers, the mom, the laughter and the kilometers of colored threads! Zak said back on a beautiful 2017 year! beautiful   The 28/10/2017 , direction the capital of cress, Méréville in Essonne to participate in the show Around the Wire organized by Nathalie! On the spot, I also met the incredible Kathryn president of the association Pink Bra Bazaar , a charitable organization dedicated to breast health education and support for women with breast cancer. Zak said back on a beautiful 2017 year! beautiful

The 4/11/2017 , I leave France🇫🇷 for its neighbor Switzerland🇨🇭 and I will discover the shop KRL & Co in Payerne!
It was the first time I went to Switzerland, as much to tell you that I loved my getaway! Switzerland is very pretty but I think it would not be so much if I had not met Karèle and Flo and their family of love (Big kisses in the neck my baby Zélie darling!) It is the kind of meeting that I wish everyone! I felt adopted in a flash! Well I know that I’m supposed to talk about the workshops and the store (super big, super nice!) But there really this family is in my heart, I love them very hard! We spent 4 days together as if it was a holiday with friends since always! I am both Flo’s brother, the uncle of Zélie, Karèle’s brother-in-law, and then their friends, their region and our laughs … In short, I could talk about the hours! If you go through Switzerland, go to Payerne! Go meet Karele and her tribe in her big and pretty store ☀️

During the workshops I met some nice little Swiss (I love saying that!) And also an artist that I really like Marie Maglaque ! I fell for one of his beautiful embroidered brooches! Back in pictures on this trip to Switzerland! Zak said back on a beautiful 2017 year! beautiful

The 11/11/2017 , here I am en route for Feucherolles in the Yvelines to meet the Pink Sun at Sophie’s! She is also creative for her brand SoChap’s (This is where I have my badges done)! The workshop shop where I was welcomed is full of creations! Badges, bags, baskets … and everything is personalized or in any case customizable 😉
We had a good Saturday with real enthusiasts! Zak said back on a beautiful 2017 year! beautiful

The 2/12/2017 , head south! Yeah! We go to Haberdashery Mua at Lucie, aka Lulu my big sister! Rhaaa meet me with Lulu! Similar to Karèle and Flo, there was this family feeling directly between us! Like you’re a member of the family you actually! Yeah! Good bah adoption, love and kindness!
At Lucie, there is a nice space for workshops, a selection of pretty products set up in beautiful vintage furniture, a little like Christelle Lamballe! Lulu, she is a chineuse who is not cold in the eyes, she has taste, she is a model entrepreneur, I love the fact that she works for her city by offering workshops and yarnbombing! Wool, cotton, yarn, she puts it everywhere and I like it!
During my visit to Pau, I met sweet Clairemione, And my two hands , and many other incredible creatives, to be even more inspired!
I spent a few days with Lulu, Constance, Daiann, short boot and many other people as sweet as crazy! This adventure Paloise (I prefer to say Pauloise … but hey) made me crazy! Here are the small photos of this crazy trip, from Friday aperitif-dedication to Saturday workshop and Sunday cocooning! Zak said back on a beautiful 2017 year! beautiful

Zak said back on a beautiful 2017 year! beautiful

And we end this incredible year of workshops the 9/12/2017 , at Pom and Company at Chessy at Lucile’s, aka Lulu too! I think I ended my year with the sweetest person on the planet, and yet wonderful people I saw this year, but then, Lulu de Chessy is an angel! She is listening and passionate! Her shop reflects her personality, sweetness and small touches of acid to remind the small grain of madness she has! During my visit we knitted and crocheted under the eye of Linh the photographer ( Coriander flowers )! Well I stop talking and I show you: Zak said back on a beautiful 2017 year! beautiful

Zak said back on a beautiful 2017 year! beautiful

When I see all these photos, all these memories, all this love, all these sharing … I am so happy, so proud! Thank you life (I like saying that!) Thank you! Thank you for this wonderful year! Thanks thanks thanks !
I can not wait to be in 2018 to find you in joy and creativity!
Nice end of year my Z’amis!

Zak said back on a beautiful 2017 year! beautiful

Zak 🌸

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