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Hello Z’amis,
I see again! The sun is back, it’s hot, it’s good, I’m constantly outside, on the terrace, in the park, dancing, in short I do not hold in place!
It’s going to be a little while that I have not published here, I do too many things at the same time, and god knows it’s not as fast as that to write an article, to prepare the photos, and to present something that makes you want.
Good luck that I know you are everywhere, on Facebook , sure instagram , twitter or even in truth to tricothé and other events.
At the moment I am preparing a lot of things that must remain a little secret, but I can tell you that I have a small project with the brand Bergère de France, we prepare some cool stuff with Woolkiss, I hope my Back will be busy and still creative! I promise to tell you more as soon as I get more news 😉
In the meantime I propose a little tutorial ultra easy and fast to achieve to protect your beloved laptops. 🙂
I often go to Disneyland, I like to immerse myself in my childhood, redo the attractions that I did when I was kid, laugh, take a picture with a Disney characters, put the ears of Mickey in all the shops, dance when there is a parade … I love Disney! The last time I went there, I had an idea:

Zak at Disney ... disney   Here is what you will need to make a small protective cover for your phone (for an iPhone in fact, but easily adaptable):
– The rest of the yarn (in cotton here, from Paris de Drops) size 5, in three colors, black red and yellow.
– A 4 mm hook
– Circular needles 4,5 mm.
I decided to offer you 2 covers, one crochet and one knitting! And yes I thought of everyone !!

HOOK : Zak at Disney ... disney   With the 4mm hook mount a chain of 12ml plus 1ml to turn: Either 13ml, turn ,.
Crochet 12 sts at the end of the row, crochet one more stitch in the last stitch (13ms) and continue crochet on the other side of the chain, crochet one more stitch to turn (14ms). Continue crocheting in circles.

Zak at Disney ... disney

For my phone, I made 10 rounds in red and 15 rounds in black.
I realize that everyone does not have an iPhone, so do not hesitate to adjust the number of stitches and the height so that the cover is perfectly the size of your phone.
To make the little yellow buttons of Mickey: using the technique of the magic round crochet 8ms, enter the thread, then sew them on the red part. (to do twice 😉)
Zak at Disney ... disney   There you go ! 🙂

KNIT: With circular needles 4,5mm
Zak at Disney ... disney
Mount 26 stitches, using the magic loop close and knit in circles.
Knit in red for 14 turns
Knit in black for 21 rounds.
Stop the stitches, take in the thread.
Sew the underside of the pouch with the red thread.
For the small knot: Raise 8m, knit 18 rows, fold in half and tighten with thread.
Zak at Disney ... disney   And here are the Z’amis, it’s your turn now!
I can not say it enough, but thank you for being so numerous to follow me, to send me your encouragements, your sweet comments and all and all, it fills me with joy and happiness! THANK YOU.

Kisses and love!

Zak at Disney ... disney

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