Yarnbombing! Zak said x Festival Eleven moves!

The Festival ONZE BOUGE starts to knit!

Let’s invest the place Léon Blum in the 11th arrondissement by creating a collective and monumental work in the colors of the festival Onze Bouge in May and June! Knitters, knitters, donors, donors, novices, enthusiasts, curious and curious … Come join us and knit the street together with Zak said, artist and blogger associated with this project!
Tricot’Onze Together …

Appointments will be set up in January to realize this work that will take place in May in the city! During these meetings, we meet, exchange, drink tea, eat cakes, have a drink … But above all, we knit!
The first appointment:
Friday, January 13, 2017 at 17:30, hall of the town hall of the 11th
Yarnbombing!  Zak said x Festival Eleven moves! yarnbombing moves festival eleven

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/events/726199187545579/

If you can not participate in the Tricot’Onze meetings, but want to help with the project, you can also knit at your place and drop off your works in a collection point that we will communicate to you as soon as possible!

Wool and needles from 5 to 12mm
Jersey point … it goes up quickly jersey!
Colors: pink, orange, green and blue
Contrasts: white and black
The size: tiles 40X50 cm

Who is Eleven Bouge? The Festival Onze Bouge is a festival that has been offering a cultural crossroads for 21 years, in the heart of the capital, around dance, music, theater and street arts. The festival offers free and quality shows for an audience of any age and any horizon. Its demanding programming takes place in several partner rooms such as the Déjazet theater, the Maison des Métallos … and brings together more than 20,000 spectators.


Yarnbombing!  Zak said x Festival Eleven moves! yarnbombing moves festival eleven

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