Wool package in the postal strike

My wool, which had been ordered for the holidays, remained in post-strike for three days and was delivered “punctually” on Monday, just stupid that we were already on the highway.

Freshly recovered, yesterday I was able to look at my latest wool yield. For two new projects on the occasion of a book review I need Rico Wolle, I ordered these loveknitting.com ,

Wool package in the postal strike strike postal package

My first order comes in a pink plastic bag, okay, and then the surprise. The wool fine and nicely packed in a bag, great idea. The package was provided with a sticker with name and signature of the Packerin. Also a nice idea. I felt in good hands with my lust. 🙂

Loveknitting.com sells yarns that are little or impossible to obtain in the German wool mail order business. Shipped from the UK, resulting in a longer shipping time. But with such a nice and lovingly packaged package I wait a little longer.

Have you ever ordered from loveknitting?

For the holidays, I naturally took wool from my, but quite grown, wool stock and started a beautiful pillow. Not quite finished yet, but soon there will be instructions here.

What are you knitting right now?

Best regards

Your ines

Wool package in the postal strike strike postal package

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