The Zoubinous

Here is the boss of Zoubinous.

Zoubinous are small creatures made to love you. They are often in hug. And they will follow you in all your adventures attached to your bag, your keys or anywhere.


Size: 7cm

Width: 2.5cm

Technical side:

– PDF of 5 pages,
– This pattern is written (no diagram),
– Some steps are illustrated in photos,
– You can contact me by mail ( ) or by facebook in case of problems,
– The boss is accessible to the beginner but does not include any step by step.


Wool (Color A) Ideal of Bergère de France in the color Meije;
Wool (Color B) Cotton Quick Print from Gründl (available in most stores) from any color;
2.5mm hook;
Eyes secure 8mm;
Wool needle;
2 bells
A button in the shape of heart (here those of the Récréatys brand)
Meshes used and known (no step by step for each type of mesh):

Ch: chain link
Mc: slip stitch
Ms: tight mesh
Db: half-flange
Aug: increase (2 ms in the same mesh)
Dim: decrease, I advise the invisible decreases.

The Zoubinous zoubinous

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