The Knit Tag!

The Knit Tag is the tag of the knitters launched by Janaelle of the blog At the student .

I was tagged by Agla├ę of My Trico’cotier and by Emma, Emma’s Little Things . Thank you girls, so here are my answers to questions ­čÖé

The Knit Tag!

1. How long do you spend knitting every day

A lot of time! At the moment on an average day I will do more or less 6 hours of hard knitting but at my maximum I could do up to 10 hours of knitting! (during the preparation of the Jazz Festival in Cord├ęe for example).

A day without knitting is very very rare.

2. What is your favorite wool? Why ?

It may seem a little snobby but I think I was so captivated by Road to China by The Fiber Company (thank you Ysa for the discovery!) that I erected it as my must, difficult to hold the road facing this luxury wool.

Otherwise, I think my favorite version “off-road” is the Merinos of the Filature of Valgaudemar , pretty colors and a super holding in time.

I knitted a little everything that passed, then I became interested in the subjects and I observed their outfits in time (hours of work for a sweater that patted in a single season thank you very well) so I tend more and more towards pure natural wools.

I also try to pay attention to their provenances, a pure wool price broken it is not very auspicious for the animal that has worn but it is not always easy to know the source of the material first wool knitting and I find it a shame.

Knitted threads in accordance with the rendering that I wish, a certain quality and an ethic that suits me affirmed with clarity, it’s a bit like the Grail.

3. Which knitting needles do you use most often?

Metal circulars most of the time. I also have a Knit Pro acrylic circular kit that I use a lot for my personal projects but I find them a bit too flexible for intensive use. By cons, I hate bamboo because its slightly striated texture gives me the same thrills as a chalk on a board.

4. Currently, how many balls does your stock of balls count?

No idea but if I have to give a fork, it must turn around the hundred (do not judge me, we get there very quickly!). Anyway I’m going to copy on Winter Girl who has already shared this .gif but I find it so perfect:

The Knit Tag!

5. What is your favorite brand (s) of wool? And why ?

At the moment I am very Filature of Valgaudemar . Because it’s a French company already, because I like their colors and their wool is of good quality.

6. Rather circular needles or four needles?


7. Have you already created your own patterns, if so which ones?

Yes, I create all the patterns of the products I sell. Knitting or crocheting, I like to imagine a creation, draw it, make it and then transcribe all that in writing, it’s like a code I love it!

Then, for personal projects sometimes I create them myself but I generally prefer to rely on well-thought models that fall well, there are so many that I would knit!

8. Which method related to the wool arts would you like to learn? (hook, spinning, weaving …?)

I would like to test the spinning.

9. What is the worst in your opinion: a thread that splits or realizes that you made a mistake in your knit 20 rows lower?

The error 20 ranks down, it will be impossible for me to leave it and I will do everything necessary to repair it even if everything is undone. It’s my side Monk.

10. With what thread (s) are you currently knitting?

I’m doing a vest with the Sable (Merinos-Angora) thread of the Filature of Valgaudemar.

And in parallel I knit the Mohair d’Aulon which comes from an angora goat farm near my home.

11. Which brand of wool would you like to test?

Madelinetosh, I often see her on blogs, she looks beautiful.

11. What do you think of knitting?

Only good! To knit is to give value to things and time. And it’s also my way of expressing myself.

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to you, I want to know everything about your tricotesque habits ­čÖé

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The Knit Tag!

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