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It is Izzie who tagged me on a subject that I know a little too well … the balls! These are the projects we never finish or drag for months or even years. I thank her warmly for sharing her bullets with us and I accept, not without a little guilt anticipated, to answer this series of questions.

What is your oldest ball? Tell us everything: its history, its design, its abandonment …

[Tag Knitting] Les Boulets Anonymes knitting boulets anonymes   The worst of all, I dragged it on at least three years and I ended up abandoning it at the bottom of a cardboard, stashed in the attic. This is a needle knit dress project 6mm, green bottle color with a jacquard neckline sweater Icelandic way in pink fushia and straw yellow! Just by writing it, I’m scared …

I bought from the Partner on the Phildar website for a big pay period (hence my odd choice of color can be?) And I decided to improvise this dress from the top-down pull pattern Brig . It was obviously not conclusive. My motive did not work on the raglans, I started again many times, the unraveled Partner began to seriously make the mouth and a dress in n ° 6 it weighs heavy and it falls not very well. After an umpteenth unraveling it became a moderately successful pull. If I trust my memories, I think I finished it but it would be necessary to redo the body because of bending a bit ugly … In short, the last time we saw it, there was at 69 weeks, a day of snow and too much enthusiasm.

What is your shameful bullet? Do you have a trolling thing for which you still wonder what took you to get into something like this?

The Phildar marinière … I remember very well when I decided to start it, everyone did it at the French knitters. There was even a KAL. By dint of seeing it pass I cracked and I bought a nice recycled cotton from Plassard. Except that I already had far too many projects in progress and that I have never exceeded the first 10 scratches. I left her in France when I moved but I really hope to resume one day because it would still be pretty …

[Tag Knitting] Les Boulets Anonymes knitting boulets anonymes

Capture the page of the ball in question on my profile Ravelry …

[Tag Knitting] Les Boulets Anonymes knitting boulets anonymes   What is your miniboulet? A miniboulet is a young ball still fresh, less than a year.

Without hesitation, my mittens! Views like that they look finished, except that at the base I planned to double them and embroider a fake jacquard pattern … I knitted them this winter, they are not finished so I never have them and I feel they will stay long at this point … As anyway I will not wear them for at least six months we will say that I still have plenty of time to get over it.


[Tag Knitting] Les Boulets Anonymes knitting boulets anonymes   What is your future ball? You may have a project that tempts you, but you know that it will shoot very fast, very fast? Tell us !

There is a good chance that a future ball will be hooked … I dream of this cover and I know that I will start it one day. The finish on the other hand is another story because I do not like to make squares and I really do not like to assemble them. So it is super poorly from a productivity point of view but it is an excellent candidate for the appointment of future ball. Promised, if one day, I send you a sign that we are laughing!

To finish on a positive note, I would like to pay tribute to a ball that is not really a ball!

I’m often asked for news about my crochet blanket, As-we-go Stripey Blanket . She is well, she has not been abandoned and it is not really a ball. Although it was started a long time ago but I intend to finish it one day and without suffering. It is actually on break and I had to abandon it in France because a blanket of wool + the stock of balls that goes with it is a chouia bulky during a transatlantic move. But one day, I’ll finish it!

[Tag Knitting] Les Boulets Anonymes knitting boulets anonymes

That’s it, I confessed everything! To feel a little less alone in front of my balls, I would like to know those of Ysabelh and of Perrinpimpim !

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[Tag Knitting] Les Boulets Anonymes knitting boulets anonymes

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