SOS bracelets for my boys

Today I want you what sewn and nothing knitted demonstrate. These SOS bracelets for my boys I just last week on Google+ in a post of love Nadine Ultes seen. I was immediately excited.
SOS bracelets for my boys bracelets

For all parents among us, just now at events and on vacation a great small reinsurance , Each of us has the fear that our child is lost in the crowd. The clou and the reinsurance on the bracelets are the registered ones Phone numbers of mom and dad on the inside the bands. That certainly calms down a bit.

My boys were allowed to choose their own motives, so they tie the bracelets with pride. The Lütte is a big firefighter Sam Fan, and the big one is now actively playing football, so it had to be something with balls.

By the way, I can not sew, so is the love Nadine jumped in and sewed them for us in no time, thank you very much! Even the motif bands extra ordered for us. My boys are enthusiastic and have hardly lost weight since Friday, although getting on and off is also a lot of fun. 🙂

Greetings to the beginning of the week sends

Your ines

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