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I was not present on the blog during this summer, but these last months have not been less rich, quite the contrary … In June, I officially started my activity in the world of wool and knitting! From that, I chained the nice events, the markets in the sun and the warm meetings. Here is a small picture of my summer, head on the handlebars and needles in action.

Short report back short report

The Girly Day of Yelp in Toulouse in July – Ambiance of girlfriends for a day full of smiles in the pretty district of the Carmelites (Photo © Yaël Dupuy-Fagy)

Short report back short report

The pretty Friday nights at Village Club of the Sun of Superbagnères – An idyllic work panorama, probably the best spot of the summer

Short report back short report

The Historiques at Montauban de Luchon – Super day and back in time organized by the Abellio Savonnerie

Short report back short report

In the village of Oô for the gastronomic day – Nice atmosphere and big heat

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On the Chemins de la Laine the Sarrancolin spinning mill – The day of the beautiful meetings thanks to the association Drop-Laaa (Photo © Francesca Foot)

It was a beautiful summer, I created my first collection that I expanded over the weeks and my inspirations. I have also started giving lessons and I really like this transmission, the time spent teaching others knitting or crocheting and the pleasure of participating, perhaps at the birth of a passion.

As for the products I sell, I do not have too much stock at the end of the summer, we will consider it a good balance sheet at the end of the season! So I’m going back to work for a new winter range. The autumn promises to be studious and productive for a winter full of surprises …

As for the knitwear projects “perso”, I finally finished the sweater that followed me all summer, more than a small wash-blocking and I’ll be able to wear it. I started a lot of projects in parallel and I blame myself a bit for that. I already know that I will never end my little summer sweater before the arrival of the cold and my cotton bootie started in June will be for next spring …

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Short report back short report

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