Shawl for men: Rainbow

Hello Z’amis,

A little bit of knitting this week after finishing my Snood Mafate I needed a fast, simple knit that went fast. I see and hear almost every week of the famous Trendy Shawl Miss Sophie. A pretty tip in garter stitch.
It gave me ideas, for a little while I had in mind this model Shawl for men from Drops, I wanted to mine too. I hesitated a long time on the color: black? No ! Too much in black. Blue? I do not wear blue … Yellow mustard? Watch out for the overdose! Red, green, purple, orange? Well, let’s see, and why not rainbow while we’re there ?? But I had a flash of genius (yes I self-flatter, sometimes I am a genius yeah), I thought back to a hat that I had done with the Andes (as usual) ‘had mixed a remnant of Delight (the cap is right here ). I did the same, an Andes thread and a Delight thread. In the end it is the rainbow that I chose and that I wear around my neck.
I started the Drops model but I found it too small, I’m a big boy and I like big scarves, here the big shawls. So, I made some changes, my shawl is 230 cm long and 75 cm high (the tip). I put 5 balls of Andes 8465 and 3 balls of Delight 10. Circular needles (to put all the mesh) 8, cable 80 cm.
I increased for 120 cm, made my two ranks without increasing anything and then decreased until only 3 stitches remained.
Shawl for men: Rainbow shawl rainbow   The model is really super simple, I am delighted with the effect that the Delight has on the Andes, and to be completely frank with you, the two colors that I chose to make the shawl, are among those that I likes the least in their respective range, but the combo of both is hot! 🙂
Shawl for men: Rainbow shawl rainbow   Paris – Rue des Thermopyles – 13h45 – 12 ° C
Shawl for men: Rainbow shawl rainbow   Well it is not very cold lately, but after all it has not been very cold here in Paris this winter, not bad for winter sports it will be top this shawl.
Shawl for men: Rainbow shawl rainbow   And here are the Z’amis, a small article, for a big shawl that I like a lot, and a priori I’m not the only one …
Shawl for men: Rainbow shawl rainbow   My friend Julie from the blog Celeste & Leon , met me during the photo shoot and exclaimed, “Oooh a trendy! But you have no snood ?? Wait, but what is this wool? Oh I love ! Thank you Juju Shawl for men: Rainbow shawl rainbow   See you soon, and thank you for reading me, you are more and more numerous, and in my heart it’s boom boom.

Photo Credits: Clara Long

Shawl for men: Rainbow shawl rainbow

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