Shawl collar knit – Loop ideal for men

My brother had the glorious idea on December 30 last year: Knit a scarf, like the loop for the boys, but roll up to the nose, if necessary. On the 2nd but I go again. Said and done…

The result is this one Shawl collar from Schachenmayr Bravo Mezzo uni in gray , along with my brother, who of course had to play a model.

Shawl collar knit - Loop ideal for men shawl ideal collar

As I have already told you, broke out in December, the full patent fever. How to knit full patent in rounds I told you last time post ,

Matching wool was mine stash , How good that you (Wool) has ready wool for every occasion! Under the full patent Section, I knitted a few more rounds to the right. Finally, three laps left, so that the edge does not roll up so.

Shawl collar knit - Loop ideal for men shawl ideal collar

Now I have written the instructions, which can be found here:—ebook

How do you like the shawl collar?

Sure, not a new invention, but very practical. Especially ideal for boys and men, if they do not like classic scarves so much.

best regards

from your ines

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