Secret project – cuddly monster Fridolin on the way

In the last few weeks I’ve been working on a project that I’m not allowed to show you yet, I think. Will not take any chances. But because pictures say more than a thousand words, I’ll show you a mini-cut that of course reveals very little. ­čÖé

Secret project - cuddly monster Fridolin on the way secret project monster fridolin cuddly

In the journal Anna, many a term, was the “Anna Competition 2015” called out.

The motto is “Naughty monsters and animal friends”. At first, I was not that enthusiastic about the subject because monsters are not mine. While pondering in the evening I came up with the idea for a cute and friendly monster, now christened “Knuddelmonster Fridolin”.

He comes colorful in fresh colors and with a small backpack as a secret pocket, with children (at least mine) is something always popular.

Today, almost at the last minute, I sent him in a package on the road.

Keep my fingers crossed! After the fair, I introduce him in more detail with more pictures.

Does one of you also take part in the Anna Competition or has you done so in the past years?

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