Resumption of activities

Since the creation of my blog many years ago, I do not think I have experienced such a long period of slow motion and I am sorry. The fault of many things, the move, the resetting of the counters, the fall of confidence, the loss of bearings, the loss of motivation.

But I still knitted, I put on knits, knitted a lot of rows and unraveled too. I bought some wool, I started several knits at the same time and I even had time to wear and lose a cute little pair of mittens even before having photographed them!

This is a small mosaic of my knitting life that I continue to share on Instagram .

My professional life has been in a thick fog since last spring. I’ve been building things for the past two years, I’ve made good progress and I thought it would be easy to step aside, to continue my path, whatever the path. But too much has accumulated and the entrepreneurial strength that seemed natural to me just a year ago is now completely foreign to me. So I’ll start all over again, knit after knit to knit this new story, regain confidence and envy.

Starting with the desire to share knitting and knitting stories on this blog that accompanies me from the beginning. The photos are done, next time I present you my Lemna shawl 🙂

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Resumption of activities resumption activities

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