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I still made infidelities to my isometrical blanket in recent days … / to make small caches pots to my mini succulents (the kind essential thing what ^ ^) to brighten my desk a little / to pick still pear Pirum parum from Fine to Little Day and a garland …

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my Christmas cocobox ^. ^

my Christmas cocobox ^. ^ cocobox christmas

Last weekend we finally found the time to realize the cocobox Christmas with the two big ones. This is the first time we have been testing cocobox and we loved it! Must say that the principle is still top … all the supplies are included in the box to perform …

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Maus & Lisa

Maus & Lisa

I just discovered that Lieschen Mueller was selling the bosses of his sublime dolls that I admire so many years ….. so I quickly came out of the closet a linen coupon and my machine, I spent two nights without too much sleep and finally Maus and Lisa ! I …

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Happy 2014 !!

Happy 2014 !! happy

flasback on the peaceful moments of this vacation … in the mess: {crochet always and again}, {sewing to finish dressing Maus, Lisa is still waiting …}, {film sessions with the children and solo, with a huge crush for The Lunchbox }, {A little reading, I liked the yellow eyes of …

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hello ^^

hello ^^ hello

Just a few photos of my little in progress, just to spend a little here because I was not really present or productive this month of January and I miss it … nothing really successful so, just a few small tests new characters;) And on the last picture, you can …

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rainbow cake ^^

rainbow cake ^^ rainbow

{Crocheter a rainbow cake last night very late, with a whim, failing to know how to do it in truth. I left to do the 4 or 5 parts to form the cake but I am not satisfied with the assembly, I must review the finishes or give up I …

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* Toulouse *

* Toulouse * toulouse

Last weekend we took advantage of the return of the sun to return to Toulouse, our student city. In general we spend a single day but we wanted for once not to hurry and spend at least one night. We returned to stroll in our favorite neighborhoods filled with memories …

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♥ finds ♥

♥ finds ♥ finds

My last shots ♥ … My new balance Berkel mottled at Emmaus for my birthday, stack in the color I was looking for ♥ / the return of my caches pots doudou for a mini mini project ♥ / a new ballpoint bottle of a lemonade Bombay mottled in an …

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** golden apple tutorial **

** golden apple tutorial ** tutorial golden apple

As promised here is the tutorial of the apple that is not complicated at all, and in the end you will find especially the precise indications concerning the location of the eyes and nose / mouth! FYI, I realize the apple with a white cotton thread (DMC Natura color ibiza) …

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Today is the day !!

Today is the day !! today

That’s it, the day has arrived, the day when I can finally officially talk about the project that I kept secret (well, I tried to keep it secret, because it was not easy anyway) for months! a real torture for me who am a big impatient !! so today I …

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