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The specifications of Louise is rather simple, at least for her …. She wants a princess with long hair and blond, blue eyes , a long blue and white dress (like the snow queen what …) shoes that shine ….. in short, basically I still have the most complicated part …

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Yesterday evening, I spent hours to go back over the pages of my blog, a little nostalgic …. I miss this space and I wanted to put some small pictures because I do not want to to abandon it … it happened however many things in a few months, among …

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Dye and Leopard

Dye and Leopard leopard

Hello, today I’m talking about dyeing, I recently discovered one at Workshop she is really good. I had this (old) pair of false converses that I love, which at the base was purple-gray, finally the kind of color that nobody knows. 🙂 So I decided to give them a second …

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Bracelet by the meter

Bracelet by the meter meter bracelet

Hello everybody, Today I’m talking about bracelets, I wear a lot, pearls, woven, leather, chain, even wool, in short I do not count the number of bracelets I own. I imagined a bracelet a little fun and especially in the theme of sewing, hobbies … so I’m proud to present …

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Too much Cui-Cui the lampshade

Too much Cui-Cui the lampshade lampshade

Hello, I spent the weekend at Mom’s home so I come back in shape and rested, finally rested … I get along, I mean less tired than to spend the weekend in Paris. It was great, I had the comforting sweetness of Mom … Good and I admit her great …

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But you are crazy ? Oh yes !

But you are crazy ?  Oh yes ! crazy

But you are crazy ? Oh yes ! Ahaha I loved this song when I was a kid. Today I’m not going to tell you about Benny-B, we’ll have a Revival 90’s party another time 🙂 You remember last weekend I was at mom’s place, with her crazy dishes etc, …

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Hoooked Zpagetti

Hoooked Zpagetti zpagetti hoooked

Hook yes, but not any hook, I hook hoooked, size 12, I do tendinitis but it does not matter because I love it and the result is great! 🙂 Have you ever tried yourself? I share with you my baskets to put away the bazaar, I do not have the …

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“Oh you have big hands …”

"Oh you have big hands ..." hands

I often hear: “Oh you have beautiful big hands,” “Oh that’s a hell of a lot of poodle huh,” “I would not like to take one! »,« Hum, with your big hands, the massages must be magic »and yet I scratch my nails and I nibble the small skins around, …

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No glitches I have my watermelon

No glitches I have my watermelon watermelon glitches

This article title makes me almost want to say that I pay a slice … 🙂 Well I stop with my word games questionable. The watermelon is cool, it’s good and it reminds me of summer … which is already far, too far even. So I remember it by making …

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bye bye indian summer …

bye bye indian summer ... summer indian

Since yesterday the Indian summer is over, we have fully enjoyed during the last two months. Fortunately, we brought in the wood just in time and now place in the fall and soon to the burning teas at the corner of the fireplace;)

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