# Snood1 – The Burgundy

# Snood1 - The Burgundy snood1 burgundy

Last year, everyone swore by this word, the “Burgundy” … Burgundy color, neither red nor burgundy, but rather red-burgundy, a subtle blend of wine and deep red wine. Everywhere we could see, TV, fashion blogs, parade … Not to mention the mustard yellow, “In Mustard We Trust” and timeless navy, …

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Sewing box 100% handmade

Sewing box 100% handmade sewing handmade

Today I’m talking about woods, plans, drawings, projects long thought … For a moment, I think to offer me a pretty box of sewing where I could put away all my bazaar, but I never find THE box it’s always too much or not enough, you know what I mean …

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# Snood3 – The Mangaka

# Snood3 - The Mangaka snood3 mangaka

After looking for the gift of mom, that’s the birthday of my little brother, too. But god thank you I did not have to search for him, I was entitled to a small text sent innocently a month before the date: “Hi big brother, how are you? for my birthday …

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There is no male to wear underpants

There is no male to wear underpants underpants there

For this theme that (had) transpired virility, testosterone, masculinity, Male, I was attacked by my old woolly mammoth Isabelle Kessedjian! (Holy male-igne!) She dared to disclose that I was wearing panties, and she even added that they were tacky! No, but! For the trouble and to prove to you that …

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Atelier Couture at BAOBAB Home – Paris

Atelier Couture at BAOBAB Home - Paris paris couture baobab atelier

Hello Z’amis, A few days ago I was invited to a sewing workshop by Marie Claire Ideas , at BAOBAB Home . I had a very nice time, the shop is very pretty and in a nice neighborhood, I wanted almost everything! At the same time it was not really …

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Zak said Amigurumi Circus

Zak said Amigurumi Circus circus amigurumi

Hello Z’amis! Week of sharing! Literary week but especially creative! I recently received several books of creative hobbies, I told myself that I could make a small remake of the show “a book, one day” by telling you about my favorites! 💛 Let’s start with “Amigurumi Circus” published by Eyrolles: …

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# Snood5 – The Bluebell

# Snood5 - The Bluebell snood5 bluebell

I have to confess it to you … I took 3 years to do this snood. It’s shameful because you’re dying … For the record, I spotted on the site of drops the Bluebell snood, 3 years ago. I loved the color and the mix of wool. I wanted to …

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Creations and Know-How 2015

Creations and Know-How 2015 creations

Hello Z’amis! What is the most important event of autumn? The thing not to miss? This is of course the Salon Créations et Savoir-Faire! This year again I will be there every day on the stand of Woolkiss to animate DIY workshops, the planning is DIY workshops ! See you …

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Gary Kit – Bow tie for chic boy!

Gary Kit - Bow tie for chic boy!

Hello Z’amis, Today I’m talking about Mercer of the Creators . This is an online haberdashery that offers a large selection of haberdashery, fabrics … I loved the site easy to use with all these kits to do yourself and these free tutorials. Beyond the fact that when they contacted …

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