Knitting Pattern Brown rabbit with Easter basket

Knitting Pattern Brown rabbit with Easter basket rabbit pattern knitting easter brown basket

I thought, my Easter Bunny will not finish in time for Easter. Lately, there were so many things in between that I could not knit in the evenings to check my instructions. Now he is done! Juhu … On Monday evening I still have my knit Dekoeier with the addi-Express …

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How much calories do I use while knitting?

An interesting question and a great answer: 55 kcal per half hour , But if the small bowl of jumbo peanut flips relativizes that again? Read the interesting one Article by and of course we already knew that knitting is relaxing. Just yoga for the soul. 100 knitting ideas …

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Knit Double Face – Course at

Knit Double Face - Course at makerist double course

Doubleface knitting is an interesting knitting technique that knits the front and back at the same time. There is no explicit front and back in this case. Both sides appear knitted in smooth right. The beauty and at the same time the special about the Double Face technique is revealed …

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Knooking – a new trend?

Knooking - a new trend? trend knooking

Heard of Knooking? In German one calls it also Sträkeln , because Knooking is knitting with the crochet hook , The special feature of the crochet hook is the eyelet, which is located at the other end. Through this eyelet an auxiliary thread is pulled, which serves as a kind …

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Instructions Loop knit – super easy

Instructions Loop knit - super easy super instructions

On vacation last week, I mean mine first loop ready knitted. It was a lot of fun, and the pattern was very simple. And yet I think, sees it refined and more complicated than it is. Also For beginners, this pattern is easy to implement , knit only right and …

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5 reasons why knitting is good

Yesterday I received new mail from the blog schoenstricken. I can only support the 5 reasons why knitting works well here. Therefore, for all interested here the link to the page from the blog beautiful knit , I also knit diligently every night and have some ideas for new projects …

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Knit children’s hat in a spiral pattern

Knit children's hat in a spiral pattern spiral pattern children

Now it’s getting colder outside, so my current knitwear projects are hats for my boys. Last night, the hat in the spiral pattern and favorite color green for my big one finished. The first time I skimmed the guide, I thought, uh, too complicated. But reading it closely and knitting …

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Offer warmth in 2014 by the GU Verlag

Offer warmth in 2014 by the GU Verlag warmth verlag offer

The GU publishing house has the action “Give warmth” brought to life. Care packages for Eastern European children should be packed with many useful items, but also sweets and warmth sweets. Warmers can be self-made cuddly toys, as well as hats, gloves and scarves. Two free instructions for one Kinderloop …

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