⭐Zak said Happy Birthday! ⭐

⭐Zak said Happy Birthday! ⭐ happy birthday

Hello Z’amis! 💛 Yesterday it was my birthday ! 🎉 What joy ! Thanks again for your messages and sweet little words! I am happy ! And when I’m happy I’m fine! For the occasion it’s up to me to give you a little something! 😊 You regularly follow my …

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Zak said at Henry and Henriette / Nantes

Zak said at Henry and Henriette / Nantes nantes henry henriette

Hello Z’amis! The Creativ France tour continues, and this time I put my suitcases and my hooks in Nantes at Henry and Henriette ! See you on Saturday April 1st (promised it’s not a joke!) 😛 All info is here 🙂 In the program 3 workshops: The crocheted apple 💛 …

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Zak said “Central Heating”

Zak said "Central Heating" heating central

Hello Z’amis! Tuesday, March 28, I went to see “Central Heating” by the Central Committee play at the theater of La Boutonnière! Here is the synopsis: “The earth is plunged under a wave of cold the people relentably submits to the authoritarian regime of the Great Chauffagiste. The dispute is …

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Zak told Tricot’Onze together / Yarnbombing Paris 11

Zak told Tricot'Onze together / Yarnbombing Paris 11 yarnbombing tricot together paris

Hello Z’amis! 🙂 I am writing to you today to appeal to your talents! 😀 Some time ago I was talking to you right here of my project Yarnbombing with the Festival Eleven moves! What is yarnbombing? It’s the art of surrounding street furniture with wire, making poles, benches, trees …

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Shawl for men: Rainbow

Shawl for men: Rainbow shawl rainbow

Hello Z’amis, A little bit of knitting this week after finishing my Snood Mafate I needed a fast, simple knit that went fast. I see and hear almost every week of the famous Trendy Shawl Miss Sophie. A pretty tip in garter stitch. It gave me ideas, for a little …

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Zak said Everyone can sew

Zak said Everyone can sew everyone

Hello Z’amis, We continue this week of creative sharing with a sewing book: Everyone can sew editions The unpublished by Louise Scheers blog The fads of Louise 💛 “Sewing at the machine is a breeze! Finally make your first steps in sewing thanks to Louise of the blog The fads …

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Zak said Deco baskets

Zak said Deco baskets baskets

Hello Z’amis 🍋 If you too, like me, you have plenty of objects, these small baskets will be perfect to tidy up! Photo credit: Claire Curt 💚 Here is the tutorial to make 3 baskets of different sizes: Decorative basket

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Zak told Dreamcatcher for Mondial Tissus

Zak told Dreamcatcher for Mondial Tissus tissus mondial dreamcatcher

Hello Z’amis! Yesterday I was at home Global Fabrics , on the occasion of the opening of their factory I animated a dreamcatcher workshop with their products! I wanted to change a little of the traditional dreamcatcher by adding a small flap that creates a pocket. What a success ! …

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Zak said Plaid Green Granny Square

Zak said Plaid Green Granny Square square plaid green granny

Hello ! One of my favorite crocheted models! The famous and timeless square granny, or granny square in English! I love its vintage side! Here is a classic but dear to my heart: The plaid as at grandma! Here is the method to have this plaid at home: Tuto Green …

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Zak said Little things for nursery

Zak said Little things for nursery things nursery little

Hello Z’amis! I’m finishing my week of literary and creative sharing with a nice book, but I still think I’ll keep this little remake of the show “a book, one day” by telling you about my favorites at least 2 times per month ! 💛 So we end this week …

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