New knitting challenge for 2015

I left the blog a little since a month and a half but it’s not for lack of knitting! Those who follow me on social networks already know what my days are busy for others, go to end of article;)

But first of all, I wish you a happy new year 2015, with pretty wool and time to knit beautiful projects!

New knitting challenge for 2015 knitting challenge

On my side the year starts more than ever at the sound of needles with a nice knitting day for January 1st and the resolution to start a 1 Year 12 Hats Challenge . I had discovered this project on the blog Winter Girl and I always wanted to start. The principle: knit one cup a month for a year. I add my little personal constraint: knit a cup a month for me for one year. Because if I knit a lot on order and among other things hats, I shoot daily with one or two models … shod badly shod, all that.

Best of all, I took one of my friends on the adventure! So I’m counting on 2015 to share some nice knitwear moments with my girlfriend and build a nice hat collection ♥

New knitting challenge for 2015 knitting challenge

As promised in the introduction, I take this post a bit tidy to tell you about my most beautiful project 2014 and my little achievement of the end of the year. At the beginning of December, I opened “The Flake” an ephemeral local craft shop in the Pyrenees. It’s a crazy adventure in which I started this fall to prepare my winter season. After a month of existence I still have a little trouble when I turn the key in the lock every morning, to realize that this little shop is mine. But I am very proud of this little corner of craft that pushed to the foot of the mountains for an ephemeral duration but still consistent 4 months.

New knitting challenge for 2015 knitting challenge

I sell my knitted creations, the mohair wool of the Pyrenees and the products of other creators of the valley. Next step for the new year, the opening of an online store for products Still Vauriens …

Click to see more information about Flocon and its creators.

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New knitting challenge for 2015 knitting challenge

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