My summer knitting festivals # 01

After almost two months of silence on the blog and a busy summer, I have a lot to tell. I apologize in advance for the lack of photos and their low quality but I have problems with my camera and my phone for only one companion for a few weeks. I finally divided the story of my summer festivals into two slightly rough articles that, I hope, will still meet the woolly curiosity of some! 😉

*** # 01 The Lot and the Wool, July 2015 ***

In the month of July, I went to the now famous festival Lot and wool.

My summer knitting festivals # 01 summer knitting festivals

It was their 3rd edition and also my 3rd visit for the occasion in this beautiful region. I went with a friend who knits too, we enjoyed our festival day as much as the conduct of our mini-weekend with friends.

My summer knitting festivals # 01 summer knitting festivals

Get out of the tent in the morning and take a dip in the Lot … not bad to start the day.

On the site of the museum of Cuzals, where the festival takes place, reigns a still pleasant atmosphere. Many spinners, new wool with bright colors, the reunion of brands discovered here two years ago and girlfriends knitters that we meet happily at random in the park.

This year, to spice up our hot day, we had signed up for workshops. My friend had chosen the workshop Seams and Finishes with Mesh Fairy she learned a lot and I got her back. As for me I had a great time with a small group of super nice participants under the leadership of Blackberry jam who led us a workshop Tunisian hook . The practice itself I liked and I love the rendering. I regret a little not having had a course support on which to support me once back home. After a few weeks of mop and back to knitting, I have a little trouble to find all the techniques discussed in class when I resume the hook. But I will try to find a nice book to continue my learning. I’ll show you that!

My summer knitting festivals # 01 summer knitting festivals

Side booty, I was very reasonable. I cracked for a shawl of Moments of Louise sold in kit with a ball of wool and silk (Vi) wools . My shawl Lemna is started a month ago and is very good.

My favorite discoveries:

myrobalan , big blow of heart for the softness of the colors of these wools obtained by vegetable dye. I really liked this stand shared with Letoké, their coherent colaboration gives birth to pretty kits very worked.

Renaissance Dyeing This is not really a discovery this year but I am always amazed by its color ranges obtained with natural dyes. I helped a girlfriend knitter to select a dozen mini skeins for a shawl project, it was a pure pleasure to draw in all these colors.


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My summer knitting festivals # 01 summer knitting festivals

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