My knits …

Here are some examples of knits from the fireside …

* My best sweater. Knitted in No. 8, it is hot. I created the boss and the model myself. The front is knitted with a set of stitches that give small squares in relief, the back is gray heathered as the sleeves with a reminder band in red squares at the bottom. The forearms in garter stitch for a flared effect.
My knits ... knits

* My cap-cap. I managed to put a small visor on a hat without adding cardboard or anything. I hooked it in very tight wool so that it fits.
My knits ... knits

* A red and yellow fluo (!) Knitted hat with needles # 5 and 5/5 ribs with a lapel.
My knits ... knits

* My last hat. A simple bonnet, knitted in No. 9 and decorated with ribbons and felt.
My knits ... knits

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My knits ... knits

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