My comeback, my new adventure, Zak’s birthday said!

Hello Z’amis 🙂

I do not know where to start this post, I have so much to tell you. Good already to start, and to answer some, yes the Cyclades is beautiful and I returned tanned and rested, thank you for your words and nice winks.

It’s been a year since I started the adventure of a blog, to share with you my creations, my favorites, part of my life. I am so happy this year, you have welcomed me very warmly on the web, I had the chance to meet great people, to make cocktail drinks with outstanding knitters and knitters, enriching partnerships, lounges … I had a very good year and it is also thanks to you, so I want to say thank you Z’amis!

When I launched this blog, it was to show what I like and know how to do but also to say that when you are a boy, you can too. We are just like everyone else, so yes, I may not be the best in the world, nor the most professional in the world, but I like what I do, I like to share the joy and love for the creation around me, and if I can leave 2 or 3 mouths gaped then it’s all won!
I do not think I’ll ever get tired of seeing people’s heads every time I take out a pair of needles or a hook. I love the bulging eyes and the sometimes embarrassed grins of people. But in general, I still have the right to this FAMEUSE sentence: “Aaaah but eeueuh, that’s it … I once knew a boy too who did that …” 😀 Ahaha as if I asked people to to justify oneself ! Admittedly, it is not common in the minds of people but ‘fine we are in 2014! Men take care of their children, eat, etc.
I once had a bad experience about knitting … But it was before that … That said, I’m still happy in life and have great Z’amis knitters, crocheters, sewers, handymen or not to surround me, support me and rot me with love! I love you It’s been a year already 🙂 And as the other would say: “And it’s not over! ”

This year, I will be a resident professor at My Workshop in Town . What is that ? My Atelier en Ville is a brand new concept that is downright top! Here is a small video right here which will explain much better what me. In my previous post , I told you: “And the crunchiest news is that in September, to be honest, I will be working at Mon Atelier En Ville where I will be a sewing, knitting and crochet teacher. I am delighted with this partnership, of course I am waiting for you for a class, a cuckoo, a kiss or even curiosity. “So I repeat myself but I will need you to share the information and make this adventure a crazy thing!

My comeback, my new adventure, Zak's birthday said! comeback birthday adventure

Besides the Z’amis here is the direct link to my page at Mon Atelier en Ville: Zak said

Well that was the new number 1 🙂

Second new now. Some people know that my first passion is dance 😉 I’m constantly moving, I sing, I dance, I knit at the same time .. ah ah! 🙂 I am a dance teacher also since Tuesday, September 9th at Circles of the form. I teach dancehall ragga. If one night you decide to put your needles to come to dance with me, it will be with great pleasure 🙂 More information by right here.

And finally, my blog at 1 year 🙂 And if we were celebrating this together with a little contest?

My comeback, my new adventure, Zak's birthday said! comeback birthday adventure’s picture

To celebrate the 1 year of the blog, nothing better than a little contest on Facebook . I propose you to win a free sewing class for you and one of your friends. The course will take place in Paris (sorry for those who are not from the capital … But I promise to redo a little contest in the whole of France) at 30 rue de Cléry in My Workshop in Town in the 2nd arrondissement. The draw will take place on Monday, October 6th. We will find together a day that will suit you best to come and sew with me.

My comeback, my new adventure, Zak's birthday said! comeback birthday adventure   See you soon Z’amis! 🙂
Kisses, love, creativity and sweet madness!


My comeback, my new adventure, Zak's birthday said! comeback birthday adventure

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