Merry Christmas and a little present from me!

My grandmother told me yesterday that he was using the web frame in kindergarten Ceiling in the Germany colors started.

The little one hears it and says, “Mom you knit me one Blanket in black, red, gold . ”
I say, I do not know if I have the right wool. What does the lodge do? Ran at Mamas Wollschrank and comes back with the wool. “Here…”

After the short knit action came last night Pulswärmer or my boys say bracelet out.

My little one has been waiting to sleep until I sewed his tail. 🙂 The mothers among you know that.

Because I did not like the idea with the blanket, I just finished putting it around my wrist. Both agreed immediately, so a bracelet was made from the ceiling.

Knitting instructions for wrist warmers: Wool: Fischer wool piano in black, wine and sun
knitting needles # 4 (I used two needleleg needles)

Attack: 25 stitches

1st-8th Line: curly …

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