Like Moustachu – The relapse

Hello Hello,

It’s been a long time since I had not written here, but it does not mean that I forget you or do not do anything. The proof, I cracked, I made another, Aime pants like Moustachu, sewing patterns Like Marie.
I love this pants pattern, it is quick and easy to do! ­čÖé
I had made the first one in very light jeans, right here this time I dropped out and added a little more fantasy.
It is blue-gray linen and Liberty betsy fluo !! ­čÖé I can not wait for the weather to be nice and warm to be in the sun!
Like Moustachu - The relapse relapse moustachu   In the original version of the boss there is an elastic band to hold the belt, I decided to put a ribbon Liberty Betsy Fluo.
Like Moustachu - The relapse relapse moustachu   I have not managed to take pictures with the pants worn, but it suits me very well, in any case I feel good! I show you that very soon. Like Moustachu - The relapse relapse moustachu   I embrace you very quickly and very quickly the Z’amis.


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