Knooking – a new trend?

Heard of Knooking? In German one calls it also Sträkeln , because Knooking is knitting with the crochet hook , The special feature of the crochet hook is the eyelet, which is located at the other end. Through this eyelet an auxiliary thread is pulled, which serves as a kind of second knitting needle.

The book from the GU Creative Guides series published in February this year: Knooking – crochet knit look was kindly relinquished by the GU publishing house, so that I could try Knooking and of course there are some of the basic techniques learned or explained Projects to post-Knooken ,

I chose two projects from the book. One in rows (neck roll) and one to knuckle in rounds (cups, so one needs “woman” always).

Knooking - a new trend? trend knooking
Puffed basket in pear pattern

The basket I have filled with Easter eggs for the upcoming Easter. As you can see, I did not use the recommended “Noodles” wool but a wool rest (Boston by Schachenmayr). These balls were left behind by mine Cable Knit Hat and the Brown rabbits with Easter basket , Thus, my cup is not quite so stable. The bottom and the first rows in pear pattern are in graphite, unfortunately not visible.

When wriggling in rounds, there were some difficulties with me, at first I kept it upside down, so inside out. And then the others Ask for the help thread When and why do I take it out? After I looked at the video, I brought order in the knit (may it be said that?) And then I continued to knock hard.

However, as the first project I chose the Bolster. I also used a wool rest here and my new one Knooking Needle 6 , As you can see, it was really just a small piece of wool, because it has become a delicate, narrow neck roll, which I also stitched across the way. But my mother likes her, she will soon support her neck while watching TV. 🙂

Knooking - a new trend? trend knooking
Neck roll creased in curled right

It was particularly difficult to photograph the neck roll for you. Each picture is reminiscent of a sausage or cucumber. Oh well…

There are others in the GU series Counselors like knitting and crocheting appeared, whose common feature is the free GU Creative Plus app is. I immediately downloaded these on my smartphone.

So if you write your book for example “Knooking” has selected, every step can be scanned from the needle attitude about right and left stitches, decoupling, etc. via the smartphone icon and viewing an explanatory video.

Whom the detailed and well-explained pictures and instructions in the book on the Basic techniques of Knookens not enough, can always take the very good videos to help. I had to try the video for the first time on the left stitches. Of course, I also watched all the other videos and promise that they are all helpful and well explained.

The creative app should also be able to order the missing material at Dawanda, but I did not make it. No matter how many times I clicked on the button, I only landed on the GU website. Mmmhh …

The explanatory videos for Mesh stitch, chainstitch and longette stitch are ideal for beginners and advanced. I was unable to scan the film for making the tassels. Mmmhh …

If you want to get started, here are the book infos:

Knooking - a new trend? trend knooking

64 pages, about 100 color photos

My conclusion to the Knooken: If you want to learn this manual technique and want to make your first projects, you should really order this GU guide with the great app. (Available for 8,99 € in bookstores) Knooken is a little harder of my hand, especially when knuckle in rounds, I found it tedious always rauszuziehen the auxiliary thread. Knitting is more for me. But maybe I’ll meet a Knooking project, which I really want to try, then nothing stands in the way. 🙂

Have you already knocked? Which projects did you already have on the Knooking needle?

I’m looking forward for comments!


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