Knitting-Tea in the Pyrenees # 4

A lot of things are changing in my knitting life right now, hence my little silence lately. I can not tell you everything yet but I can tell you about the evolution of the Pyrenean knit-tea in Bagnères de Luchon !

Our small group became a solid core, we were still 7 participants this last Sunday and we spent, as usual, a good time.

Knitting-Tea in the Pyrenees # 4 pyrenees knitting

For the works in progress, Jeanne crocheted flowers, Sophie knitted a hat from the latest book of Phildar accessories , Sabine started a scarf, Coralie knit a new twisted hat of her creation and Gisèle gets the best performance by having knitted two scarves with a funny ribbon … Marylène, our embroiderer continued her Hello Kitty, left abandoned since a snow-covered tea-knit . As for me, I’m knitting right now pinecone vest .

Given the success of our Knitting-Tea Bagnères de Luchon, our appointments will become more regular! Starting Sunday, October 20, we will meet 1 Sunday out of 2 from 15h. This is the schedule of these appointments for the Fall 2013 season.

Knitting-Tea in the Pyrenees # 4 pyrenees knitting

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Knitting-Tea in the Pyrenees # 4 pyrenees knitting

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