Knitting in Montreal # 02

It has been very hot in recent days on the island of Montreal. The thermometer climbed up to 31 ° C inside the apartment, knitting has become almost unpleasant. So I turned to embroidery sessions at the park near my home.

Knitting in Montreal # 02 montreal knitting   Knitting in Montreal # 02 montreal knitting

The parks, it is the ideal place where to take refuge the summer, for the day, for the aperitif or for a barbecue ! (They bloom as much as lily of the valley here!)
It is also the perfect place for meetings or meetings. The last Stitch’n’bitch had just taken place at Parc Lafontaine, Ysabelh reports all this in image on his blog Metro-Boulot-knit .

I’m still so excited to have met this (this) gang of knitters. Even though their attendance has considerable consequences on the list of my knit desires ..!

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Knitting in Montreal # 02 montreal knitting

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