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Doubleface knitting is an interesting knitting technique that knits the front and back at the same time. There is no explicit front and back in this case.

Both sides appear knitted in smooth right. The beauty and at the same time the special about the Double Face technique is revealed when a pattern is knitted. This becomes clear on my small test object.

I bought the course at makerist some time ago and have finally come to fathom the technique. When I watched the video for the first time, I thought why trainer Sylvie Rasch repeats the steps so often.

Knit Double Face - Course at makerist double course
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But when I sat in front of the iPad myself with wool and needle, I was grateful. I have to admit, I repeated the second episode many times because I always had a mistake in it. At some point shortly before despair, I saw my mistake and then the knot burst.

Habituation needy is actually the thread attitude (also with knitting finger ring).

I really like Sylvie Rasch, she teaches her knitting knowledge in an easy, understandable and above all humorous way. I like that very much.

In the course documents for download, there is the knitting for the climbing roses scarf and climbing roses headband and other three knitting with different patterns and more. also a kite (I guess). Cool extra. I used one of them to knit my first doubleface project. I am not satisfied with the edges, probably I knitted here just too easy. I hope the next project will be better.

Knit Double Face - Course at makerist double course

Knit Double Face - Course at makerist double course

Now there are some new projects in my mind that I want to knit in Doubleface.

You may be curious, here soon more ,

With the excursus in the video, how each one produces his own knitting pattern, I will then dare to create my own pattern. Let’s see, at the moment dinosaurs are very popular. I have two boys. 😉

Have you already booked a course or instructions with Makerist?
What are your experiences?

I’m looking forward for comments!

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