Knit children’s hat in a spiral pattern

Knit children's hat in a spiral pattern spiral pattern children

Now it’s getting colder outside, so my current knitwear projects are hats for my boys. Last night, the hat in the spiral pattern and favorite color green for my big one finished.

The first time I skimmed the guide, I thought, uh, too complicated. But reading it closely and knitting later it turned out that it was not that difficult.

I have the instructions from the Drops Design archive. Here is the link , I found the size information for 1-12 years particularly helpful. It looked a bit confusing at first, but then I could start walking.

I have used the wool Bravo Mezzo Uni in the color emerald, here ordered from Fischer Wool. First, I used the circular needle No. 5 with 40 cm rope and later the needle game No. 5.

I like the wool very much, this is cuddly soft and can be knit quickly and easily. I have some other colors for the next caps. My little one needs one more and my husband wants one too. 🙂

Do you also knit hats in your family?
Show me!

Best regards!


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