Kal Mafate – hurt me

Here is an article that should have been released much earlier … I participated in a KAL (Knit ALong: project in which several people decide to knit at the same time the same project.) It was my very first KAL, and I made my copy very late … We had to show our works for the 26/01, then we kindly had the right to extensions until 2/02 … Bah Zak he does it the 11/02 … (and in addition he talks about him in the 3rd person … we are not in the …)

I tell you the story quickly, everything started from a very nice snood that realized the sweet Adeline of the blog Jakecii . She publishes her article and the photos, there, bloggers, bloggers, enthusiasts and other people intrigued by this snood, eager to ask him where does it come from? From there, a KAL was born, we were many to want to realize it. You will find right here all the information to make this pass very special point.

Now, I tell you my Mafate to me:

I started it one night in front of my computer, coffee and milk series, as usual. I used the Adriafil Mistero wool color 34 – Mixed petrol green. It is a wool that normally knits with needles 4-5, but here it is done with needles 12! As I was caught by the weather, I made the short version, one turn, I mounted 90 stitches.
So I go back, coffee, computer and needles 12 … I was unable to watch a single second of my series … I made two ranks and I thought I was going crazy, I still remember me saying: “Put ***, but what’s this thing ??? “. I thought back to Adeline who made the two-round version, and all the girlfriends bloggers publish their snoods like little flowers on the web. I dropped it for this evening, my thumb hurts, my hands, everywhere! The next day I said to myself: “To go Zak, it is not a snood which will knock you down and then it is still beautiful when it is finished”. I took my needles and it is true that after 4 rows, we take the trick and see the point appear we think that even if it’s worth it. The rendering is beautiful, the point is reversible and more. It’s a thick and fluffy choker at a time.

Kal Mafate - hurt me mafate   You see, I am very happy to do this pass in the end. 🙂
I confess that I will not do it again soon. I think I’d rather climb the Mafate in truth than to do it again for the moment 😉
Kal Mafate - hurt me mafate   The point is called Herringbone stitch, translated by the chevron point.
Kal Mafate - hurt me mafate

The mistero adriafil, is top for this kind of project, the fact that it changes color as and when, sublimates the point and hides from time to time small errors. Small negative point all the same, being wool yarn, by dint of shooting and to get the mesh with a little brutality, sometimes, it is pilling and broke once in full rank.

Kal Mafate - hurt me mafate   I’m still happy with this Mafate that hurt me.
Kisses the Z’amis and see you soon.

Kal Mafate - hurt me mafate

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