geometry ^^

geometry ^^ geometry

geometry ^^ geometry

Two small hours in front of me this Wednesday morning. One hour to continue assembling my isometrical blanket. I finally decided on the size of the blanket, there will be 6 lozenges in the width is about 1m20 (although I’m still tempted to add a 7th …). For the length I do not know yet, what is on it is that I will need other balls of wool, at least 6! It’s good, it is finally possible to find wool Cascade 220 and Heather (but also the Holst garn) Pau! right here in this brand new and pretty haberdashery that will make the happiness of many paloises (“Wool and small dots, 2 rue des Cordeliers).

And another little time to sew a garland of paper for the little party that is preparing next Saturday … the invitations are launched, I can not go back, 10 children will be there to celebrate the 8 years of my son! I’m already shaking …. brightly Sunday;)

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