Exhibition of creative hobbies in Toulouse

Last week was like every year, the creative leisure fair of Toulouse . While I was spending the weekend at my girlfriend’s Married We decided to go for a walk on Sunday by boarding one of my knitting friends. It was a nice day, I was very reasonable spending side (I did not even buy wool!) But I saw very nice things. There were lots of scrapbooking stalls, lots of beautiful fabric coupons and lots of stalls and cooking animations. Too little wool for my taste, but my last kind party being the festival of the lot & the wool , I had probably put the bar of my expectations a little high.

That’s still my little booty of the show:

Exhibition of creative hobbies in Toulouse toulouse hobbies exhibition creative

♥ Two pretty books: crochet flakes and a dictionary of knitting stitches. At the moment, I’m expanding my library with this kind of encyclopedia. By having examples of scattered points in my bosses, my old catalogs and my web-bookmarks, I get lost a little.

♥ Cards of stickers too cute, bought on the stand of My pretty stationery . Moreover they open at the end of the month a physical shop in Toulouse, rue Raymond IV. Yippee! O /

♥ A great fabric coupon, but I forgot to rate the stand where I found it 🙁

♥ A scarab badge on Comptoir des fleurettes

I also bought a tomato peeler but I do not think it interests you that much …

To see beautiful photos of the show and make you want to come to Toulouse next year, go on a tour on the blog of Marie to see his report: Beyondzewords .

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Exhibition of creative hobbies in Toulouse toulouse hobbies exhibition creative

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