Embroidery & Rock’n’Roll

A long time ago, Victoria, the jewelry designer Die Young, Stay Pretty organized a contest for the anniversary of the 2 years of his shop. The entries were to be inspired by the brand and its universe, any media accepted.
In an exhausting weekend (my fingers and my retinas still remember the famous day of embroidery 8h …) I released this figure of warrior inspired Tarantino heroines in the sauce James Bond Girls:

Embroidery & Rock'n'Roll embroidery

… and I won the first prize!

A special order Die Young, Stay Pretty .

I chose a necklace inspired by the movie Tommy Who and by the legendary scene with Elton John in psychedelic pinball champion. And here is the little wonder I received:

Embroidery & Rock'n'Roll embroidery

This is my second necklace of the brand and I can only advise you to go visit his shop Dawanda and follow his creations on his Facebook page. Thanks again to Victoria!

The little clip of the referencing sequence for the road:

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Embroidery & Rock'n'Roll embroidery

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