Crochet bananas

Miniature banana models with or without skin

Hello and welcome

What a choice on the net, a big thank you to all those who share their treasures …..

I do not know where to turn since I took the hook!

But still bananas for my basket is not a bad idea … (I carried them to the hook n ° 3)

Crochet bananas crochet bananas
you will find the model right here

By cons for the banana skin, I made my idea, it consumes more wool but I think the rendering is nice

the skin :

rg1: start with a magic round with 3 full sts, (continue in tight knit)
rg2: one increase in each stitch (6 stitches in all)
rg3: an increase in each stitch (12 stitches)
rg4: one tight stitch, 10 increase, 1 stitch (22 stitches)
rg 5 to 21: 1 tight mesh in each stitch

rg 22: continue on 7 stitches
to ride 14 rg in return
then make 1 decrease on each side in two rows and finish the work

take 7 stitches and do the same work from the explanations on row 22.

Take another 7 stitches and do the same work

Put your banana in her skin (logically she holds all alone but you can make a point or two if you prefer)

Thank you for your visit and see you soon

Crochet bananas crochet bananas

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