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Instructions Loop knit – super easy

Instructions Loop knit - super easy super instructions

On vacation last week, I mean mine first loop ready knitted. It was a lot of fun, and the pattern was very simple. And yet I think, sees it refined and more complicated than it is. Also For beginners, this pattern is easy to implement , knit only right and …

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Knitting Teddy for girls

Knitting Teddy for girls teddy knitting girls

In recent weeks, I have created a color variant of my Teddy on request. In this case, a girl version in pink and pink. It is with a twofold instead of a threefold color change and I find this teddy charming. As the color palette of the used wool (Fischer-Wolle …

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Strickanleitung Teddybär is ready!

Strickanleitung Teddybär is ready! teddybar strickanleitung ready

It’s done, everything nachge knitted, a thousand times tested and finished writing. Last night I took the last pictures. I just put the Knitting Pattern for the balled Teddy at Dawanda online. Knitting Pattern Teddy Bear I look forward to your feedback and suggestions! Happy weekend for you all!

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Run of life in wool

This Music video shows in wool how life plays like this. It was really nicely done and emotionally moved me a lot. As my husband always says, “have Pippi in the eye”. Great song and great video! Take a look and say your opinion!

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Teddy – made up and knitted by himself

Teddy - made up and knitted by himself teddy knitted himself

May I introduce? My ball-shaped teddy with sweater and scarf. I did not find a teddy that I liked in all the books about cuddling and stuffed animals. He should be cuddly and seduce to cuddle. So I ordered wool and just knitted it. Of course I had an idea …

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Knitting – step by step

Knitting - step by step knitting

today I would like to introduce you to this book. I have this knitting book bought me back to my spilled knitting skills refresh. And I have to tell you, I was more than positive surprised. It is really for beginners and advanced equally suitable. On The nearly 400 pages …

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DIY – Knitted stuffed animals

DIY - Knitted stuffed animals stuffed knitted animals

The sweet frog I knitted my youngest son for his first birthday. The frog was, so to speak, my first real beginner piece. Before that I tried from the book Knitting cuddly animals from the OZcreativ Verlag to knit the cuddly duck, because my son loves ducks. But the cuddle …

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Finally online

My grandmother told me yesterday that he was using the web frame in kindergarten Ceiling in the Germany colors started. The little one hears it and says, “Mom you knit me one Blanket in black, red, gold . ” I say, I do not know if I have the right …

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Cuddly pillow turtle is ready knitted

Cuddly pillow turtle is ready knitted turtle ready pillow knitted cuddly

For a few days I left the cuddly pillow left and knitted on my loop. Later, I’ll introduce it later. But last night I finally sewed the missing legs to my body and embroidered my face. Today I took the pictures outside in the garden. The result you see now. …

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