Sewing box 100% handmade

Sewing box 100% handmade sewing handmade

Today I’m talking about woods, plans, drawings, projects long thought … For a moment, I think to offer me a pretty box of sewing where I could put away all my bazaar, but I never find THE box it’s always too much or not enough, you know what I mean …

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The serial hookers & More – News 2015

The serial hookers & More - News 2015 serial hookers

Hello Z’amis! How are you ? In view of the sad events of last week, I did not have the heart to post anything, I stayed for a long time in misunderstanding, then indignation and finally Sunday, I was proud to walk for freedom expression. Proud to be French and …

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Like Moustachu – The relapse

Like Moustachu - The relapse relapse moustachu

Hello Hello, It’s been a long time since I had not written here, but it does not mean that I forget you or do not do anything. The proof, I cracked, I made another, Aime pants like Moustachu, sewing patterns Like Marie. I love this pants pattern, it is quick …

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My pocket too cool with K7!

My pocket too cool with K7! pocket

Hello Z’amis! A small post live from Rome 😉 I love this city, I’m here for the weekend but I can not forget you! I will be able to make a whole article on Rome so much this city speaks to me, but I will also want to speak about …

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Bohemian cushion

Bohemian cushion cushion bohemian

I was challenged to Workshop , make something with a special fabric: The Virgen de la Caridad from the Alexander Henry Fabrics Folklorico Collection (entire collection right here ). It’s a collection that I find particularly beautiful, Mexican folklore, beliefs, mysterious spirit. You will probably remember my taste for El …

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Love as a Seaman

Love as a Seaman seaman

Hello Z’amis! A little sewing this week, it was a long time since I had not warm my Pimprenelle! Pimprenelle is the name of my sewing machine. I like to give names to things around me. So, my hooks are called from time to time, Georges, Kiki, Momo. In short, …

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Русская шарф – The Russian scarf

Русская шарф - The Russian scarf scarf russian

Hello, (beware, this article is full of stuff) On Monday, Chloe joined me in the 18th towards the St. Peter’s Market, where I needed 2-3 tips for something for later! 😉 We wander, wander the streets, buy miles of ribbons, pounds of buttons, until we fall on THE fabric. In …

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A Liberty momentum

A Liberty momentum momentum liberty

Hello, It’s been a week since I posted anything … I had a week that I would call “too” long … Anyway, that’s not what I wanted to talk to you about. Last weekend, I wanted a new tote bag (tote bag, shopping bag, flattened shopping bag with two handles), …

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Like mustache

Like mustache mustache

It’s Monday, it’s rest, it’s sun, it’s joy! 🙂 So it’s couture! A little pants Moustachu, bosses Like like marry. I loved sewing these pants, the boss is very clear and really well explained. And for once we find a boss for guy and especially fashionable! To do it, as …

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