Zak said Vitamins

Zak said Vitamins vitamins

Hello Z’amis! 💝🎊I wish you all the best for your love, joy and success for this new year! I wish you beautiful and sweet! And especially together! 🎆🎉 Who said Christmas was over? My book “Smile, you knit! Is published by prima this time, lighter format with a selection of …

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Zak told Yarnbombing / Eleven Bouge Festival

Zak told Yarnbombing / Eleven Bouge Festival yarnbombing festival eleven bouge

Hello Z’amis! The Onze Bouge Festival to start on Wednesday, May 31st! And the Place Léon Blum, facing the Mairie du 11e is nicely decorated with knitting and crocheting! I am proud to show you the result: 🙂 Thank you to the many people who participated in this beautiful project! …

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Zak told Tricot’Onze together / Yarnbombing Paris 11

Zak told Tricot'Onze together / Yarnbombing Paris 11 yarnbombing tricot together paris

Hello Z’amis! 🙂 I am writing to you today to appeal to your talents! 😀 Some time ago I was talking to you right here of my project Yarnbombing with the Festival Eleven moves! What is yarnbombing? It’s the art of surrounding street furniture with wire, making poles, benches, trees …

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Zak said at Henry and Henriette / Nantes

Zak said at Henry and Henriette / Nantes nantes henry henriette

Hello Z’amis! The Creativ France tour continues, and this time I put my suitcases and my hooks in Nantes at Henry and Henriette ! See you on Saturday April 1st (promised it’s not a joke!) 😛 All info is here 🙂 In the program 3 workshops: The crocheted apple 💛 …

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⭐Zak said Happy Birthday! ⭐

⭐Zak said Happy Birthday! ⭐ happy birthday

Hello Z’amis! 💛 Yesterday it was my birthday ! 🎉 What joy ! Thanks again for your messages and sweet little words! I am happy ! And when I’m happy I’m fine! For the occasion it’s up to me to give you a little something! 😊 You regularly follow my …

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Snood & Beret – Wool Katia

Snood & Beret - Wool Katia snood katia beret

Hello Z’amis, I hope you are well and that the end of year holidays are going well, that you enjoy your loved ones, and that you are overwhelmed with love! On my side it’s cocooning, rest, good and long meals between friends and family. I do not know if you …

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Zak said: Write a book!

Zak said: Write a book! write

Hello Z’amis! I think everything is in the title. 😀 I wrote my first book to Carpentier editions for Bergère de France . What an adventure and what a job! In the end I’ll be very proud of my first, and not last, Do It Yourself Tricot / Crochet book. …

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