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Zak told Urban & Green: Plant and DIY Exhibition

Zak told Urban & Green: Plant and DIY Exhibition urban plant green exhibition

Hello Z’amis! 🌿 This is great news that I have kept for myself for far too long! It has to come out now! I am very happy to announce that this year I manage the exhibition part of the shows Creative IDs ! I wanted an exhibition called: Urban & …

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Gary Kit – Bow tie for chic boy!

Gary Kit - Bow tie for chic boy!

Hello Z’amis, Today I’m talking about Mercer of the Creators . This is an online haberdashery that offers a large selection of haberdashery, fabrics … I loved the site easy to use with all these kits to do yourself and these free tutorials. Beyond the fact that when they contacted …

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Creations and Know-How 2015

Creations and Know-How 2015 creations

Hello Z’amis! What is the most important event of autumn? The thing not to miss? This is of course the Salon Créations et Savoir-Faire! This year again I will be there every day on the stand of Woolkiss to animate DIY workshops, the planning is DIY workshops ! See you …

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Zak said Amigurumi Circus

Zak said Amigurumi Circus circus amigurumi

Hello Z’amis! Week of sharing! Literary week but especially creative! I recently received several books of creative hobbies, I told myself that I could make a small remake of the show “a book, one day” by telling you about my favorites! 💛 Let’s start with “Amigurumi Circus” published by Eyrolles: …

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Atelier Couture at BAOBAB Home – Paris

Atelier Couture at BAOBAB Home - Paris paris couture baobab atelier

Hello Z’amis, A few days ago I was invited to a sewing workshop by Marie Claire Ideas , at BAOBAB Home . I had a very nice time, the shop is very pretty and in a nice neighborhood, I wanted almost everything! At the same time it was not really …

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Zak said back on a beautiful 2017 year!

Zak said back on a beautiful 2017 year! beautiful

Hello Z’amis! 😍 It’s almost the end of the year! And what a year! Rich in emotions, in meetings around beautiful tables of workshops, in love and shared joys and especially full of creations! Thank you from the bottom of my heart because it’s also thanks to you! ❤️ Here …

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Zak said The art of ballpoint pen drawing

Zak said The art of ballpoint pen drawing drawing ballpoint

Hello Z’amis, It seems that with red, black and blue we can draw everything! In any case, this is what Sarah Skeate says in her book “The Art of Ballpoint Drawing” by Dessain and Tolra. “Do you like scribbling, scribbling, crunching … on any occasion? Explore the infinite possibilities of …

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Zak said Woven Inspirations

Zak said Woven Inspirations woven inspirations

Hello Z’amis! We are talking about weaving today, with the very beautiful book “Inspirations woven” by Morgane Giner Jacqmin alias Morganours of the blog Plan B Editions Eyrolles. “How about becoming a pro weaving and making original suspensions to cocoon your walls? This dream is now within reach of your …

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Jean-Pierre, the red bear – Natura XL, DMC

Jean-Pierre, the red bear - Natura XL, DMC pierre natura

Hello Z’amis! 🙂 On Monday, I went to Bears & Raccoons (Paris 11) for an event organized by DMC and Abracadacraft to introduce the new thread Natura XL . It’s a cotton thread that knits or crocheted in 7, 8 and / or 9. Personally, I would say it’s a …

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Zak said Festinature 2017

Zak said Festinature 2017 festinature

Hello Z’amis! 🙂 What are you doing good this weekend? Me, I’ll be at Festinature in Quincy next door! Animation of creative workshops: On the program; pompons, knitting, keychains … and many other pretty surprises! We meet there? All info: FESTINATURE: ACCESS AND HOURS Castle Park Castle Lane 77860 QUINCY …

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