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Zak said Knit your Kama-Sutra

Zak said Knit your Kama-Sutra sutra

⚠️Caution you must be over 18 to read this sexy knit item … 🔞 Hello Z’amis! Today is the day before the weekend, I will try to warm up the atmosphere with a book of knitting a little naughty! (It may give some ideas to the sun …) “Knit your …

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Zak said Knitwear & Sweaters

Zak said Knitwear & Sweaters sweaters knitwear

Hello Z’amis, From the North Sea to the Atlantic Ocean, today I present “Knitwear & Sweaters Marine Luce Smits editions of Martinière. «Sweaters, jackets, scarves, accessories … More than 45 models sheets are gathered in this beautiful book. Horizontal diamonds, double twists, small waves, checkers, wedding lines, anchors, crosses, points …

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Zak told Yarnbombing / Eleven Bouge Festival

Zak told Yarnbombing / Eleven Bouge Festival yarnbombing festival eleven bouge

Hello Z’amis! The Onze Bouge Festival to start on Wednesday, May 31st! And the Place Léon Blum, facing the Mairie du 11e is nicely decorated with knitting and crocheting! I am proud to show you the result: 🙂 Thank you to the many people who participated in this beautiful project! …

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Zak told Tricot’Onze together / Yarnbombing Paris 11

Zak told Tricot'Onze together / Yarnbombing Paris 11 yarnbombing tricot together paris

Hello Z’amis! 🙂 I am writing to you today to appeal to your talents! 😀 Some time ago I was talking to you right here of my project Yarnbombing with the Festival Eleven moves! What is yarnbombing? It’s the art of surrounding street furniture with wire, making poles, benches, trees …

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Zak said “Central Heating”

Zak said "Central Heating" heating central

Hello Z’amis! Tuesday, March 28, I went to see “Central Heating” by the Central Committee play at the theater of La Boutonnière! Here is the synopsis: “The earth is plunged under a wave of cold the people relentably submits to the authoritarian regime of the Great Chauffagiste. The dispute is …

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Knit party and cocktail! Tricocktail?!

Knit party and cocktail!  Tricocktail?! tricocktail party cocktail

Hi Z’amis! Good news ! With friends at home Bergère de France and the Magali owl meilleurdudiy we’re having a crazy night at Bubble bar ! To your diaries : We’ll meet up on Thursday 16/02 from 18h to 1h (Oh yeah!) At Bubble Bar – 4 bis Cité Véron …

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Yarnbombing! Zak said x Festival Eleven moves!

Yarnbombing!  Zak said x Festival Eleven moves! yarnbombing moves festival eleven

TRICOT’ONZE TOGETHER The Festival ONZE BOUGE starts to knit! Let’s invest the place Léon Blum in the 11th arrondissement by creating a collective and monumental work in the colors of the festival Onze Bouge in May and June! Knitters, knitters, donors, donors, novices, enthusiasts, curious and curious … Come join …

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