Easter hook

Easter basket to crochet

Easter basket to crochet easter crochet basket

Want a little decoration to hang? I propose you this little basket easy to realize with a hook n ° 2 and very little wool …. (it is my participation in Stella’s Thread Challenge of March) You can of course find other uses, for example by making a small cushion …

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Small crochet tablecloths

Small crochet tablecloths tablecloths small crochet

Easter trend My walks on the net marvel me, I see extraordinary models ….. For now I can not hook these pretty tablecloths, too many projects in progress but I keep them for later …… Tablecloth pattern hens Hen tablecloth diagram ************************************************** * Bunny pattern tablecloth Bunny pattern tablecloth pattern …

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Easter bunny crochet

Easter bunny crochet easter crochet bunny

As I am in my preparations for Easter, I run after chocolates for the whole family … I made it with crochet n ° 2 with wool, it measures 14 cm Crochet and eggs for Easter explanations: Abbreviations: ms = tight mesh mc = slip stitch aug = increase (2 …

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Crochet Easter baskets

Crochet Easter baskets easter crochet baskets

Free pattern of crocheted basket Hello and welcome, I’m not early to do my decoration, so I searched a little in my cartons and I discovered these little baskets that I had hooked a few years ago, they are shaped with sugar !! Thank you for your visit and see …

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Create 3D bright balls to hang –

Create 3D bright balls to hang - create bright balls

How to make Easter eggs in string? Hello and welcome I had already seen string decorations on the net without really having all the explanations. I found this Tuto / DIY deco prima and I must admit that I’m having fun for my Easter decoration (there are all the explanations, …

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Gourmet eggs for Easter

Gourmet eggs for Easter gourmet easter

Looking for crocheted ideas to hide treats? I propose this model that I just discovered on the Drop Design website Eggs to hide pretty little treats of Easter, crocheter to feast our hungry little ones ….. A feast for the eyes and a surprising surprise for our little ones Crochet …

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Napperons rabbits naughty and friendly

Napperons rabbits naughty and friendly rabbits naughty napperons friendly

Easter hook Hello and welcome As the Easter holidays approach, I propose these two placemats with rabbits …. the first is too funny with his hood that we can imagine full of chocolate … Oval table mats diagram of the placemat I discovered these placemats in an online picasa gallery …

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Egg cache for your Easter table

Egg cache for your Easter table table easter cache

Hello and welcome Hatching eggs cache: And to continue my walk on the site of Drop Design, why not opt ​​for this table decoration, small crocheted hats for your eggs …. A click on the image to see the explanations Thank you for your visit and see you soon

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Crochet suspensions for a colorful decoration

Crochet suspensions for a colorful decoration suspensions decoration crochet colorful

Hello and welcome Hanging ideas to hang: For Easter, I propose these suspensions crochet ….. Drop Design models Make your choice: chickens, balls, bells and small baskets to hang in the trees to entertain our little proteges Click on the image to go directly to the model Thank you for …

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A chick all mimi as first boyfriend

A chick all mimi as first boyfriend first chick boyfriend

My crochet achievements My first boyfriend !! Chichy the chick Diagram : ****************** explanations: Corp: rg 1: make a magic knot with 6 tight meshes rg 2: 1 increase in each stitch (12 stitches) rg 3: ** 1 stitch – 1 increase ** (18 stitches) rg 4: 1 stitch in …

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