Too much Cui-Cui the lampshade

Too much Cui-Cui the lampshade lampshade

Hello, I spent the weekend at Mom’s home so I come back in shape and rested, finally rested … I get along, I mean less tired than to spend the weekend in Paris. It was great, I had the comforting sweetness of Mom … Good and I admit her great …

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Bracelet by the meter

Bracelet by the meter meter bracelet

Hello everybody, Today I’m talking about bracelets, I wear a lot, pearls, woven, leather, chain, even wool, in short I do not count the number of bracelets I own. I imagined a bracelet a little fun and especially in the theme of sewing, hobbies … so I’m proud to present …

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Dye and Leopard

Dye and Leopard leopard

Hello, today I’m talking about dyeing, I recently discovered one at Workshop she is really good. I had this (old) pair of false converses that I love, which at the base was purple-gray, finally the kind of color that nobody knows. 🙂 So I decided to give them a second …

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