Amigurumis and cuddly toys

Amigurumi knitting bees

Amigurumi knitting bees knitting amigurumi

Bzzz !!! here are the bees announcing the summer My projects on the net: Hello and welcome to my blog Are not they funny these little bees? They are made with knitting !! I will have to find my needles …. I discovered this model in the picasa gallery of …

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Amigurumi kittens and cubs

Amigurumi kittens and cubs kittens amigurumi

My crocheted projects Hello and welcome to my blog I really crack since I took the hook and I want to realize ….. Looking for models on the net I saw these beautiful cubs and kittens …… So I share with you my find Are not they cute? Thank you …

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Amigurumi tortoise with family

Amigurumi tortoise with family tortoise family amigurumi

Hello and welcome to my blog “There is no point in running you must go to the point” said the fountain in his fable, so after the hare, I offer this model turtle Click on the image to enlarge Crooked turtle Diagram Great turtle : Diagram 1 (carapace), diagram 2 …

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Knitted bee comforter

Knitted bee comforter knitted comforter

It’s no longer summer, but the temperatures are still mild, so why not knit this pretty baby comforter? Hello and welcome to my blog I present Beez the Bee, a comforter that I had a lot of fun to knit several years ago !! I do not present it in …

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Amigurumi crochet bear

Amigurumi crochet bear crochet amigurumi

Nice little cubs of small and big size Hello and welcome to my blog Today I discovered the picasa gallery of Vilma Artesanais I thank for its many exchanges, a delight! Here are pretty little bears that will delight my little children Those are all small, 9.5 cm and these …

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Amigurumi hare hook

Amigurumi hare hook amigurumi

the hook of 8jika: Amigurumi hare hook Amigurumi hare hook Hello and welcome to my blog Is not he mimicked like this little hare? will delight young and old. Other models are in the section amigurumi and thumbnails on the left the explanations of the hare are on my website …

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Knitted Bécassine knit

Knitted Bécassine knit knitted becassine

Bécassine jumping, Hello and welcome to my blog a funny blanket for our little ones I wanted to knit this model a few years ago but I did not have time, the children grew up and I dropped the needles …… But now that I’m a grandmother, I found my …

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Ladybug- damsel crochet

Ladybug- damsel crochet ladybug damsel crochet

the desjika hook: ladybug- damsel hook Ladybug- damsel crochet Ladybug bracelet for our princesses Hello and welcome to my blog Is not she pretty like all this little lady lady lady on sunny days? And if you want to discover other links to make bracelets click right here Thank you …

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Casimir knit duffel

Casimir knit duffel duffel casimir

the desjika hook: Casimir Knit Doudou Casimir knit duffel Hello and welcome to my blog I wanted to find a gift for my little cherubim and by searching in my old catalogs I found this model of Casimir doudou only memories! I offer it to you with pleasure Click on …

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