Amigurumis and cuddly toys

Do you want to knit a bear comforter?

Do you want to knit a bear comforter? comforter

Needles, wool and here is a marvel to knit The pearls of the net in knitting and crochet: It’s soon the birthday of my grandchildren and the last one will be a year, I’m not a knit pro, but I really want to try one of these teddy bear models …

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A cuddly mouse for our little ones

A cuddly mouse for our little ones mouse little cuddly

Want to please your cherubim? This mouse will be perfect for cuddling ….. Toys to hang around everywhere and easy to achieve, plus the advantage we can make several … This knitting mouse is cute at will, easy to catch and cuddle Knitting mouse the explanations of the model are …

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Little squirrel and its nutty crochet

Little squirrel and its nutty crochet squirrel nutty little crochet

Hello and welcome, A little squirrel came to my house A small ray of sunshine crosses my window and What a surprise!!!, this little squirrel came to stock up It is made with hook n ° 2 with wool, it measures 8 cm squirrel crochet Explanations of the models: Head: …

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Amigurumi croque crocheted

Amigurumi croque crocheted croque crocheted amigurumi

Hello, A little tour in the country of the dragons, My daughter wanted a soft croque, so I took my hook # 2 and a few pieces of wool (not even a ball !!) and I looked for a model in French. I found it on the blog Made By …

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Amigurumi Snoopy crochet

Amigurumi Snoopy crochet snoopy crochet amigurumi

Hello and welcome, Snoopy crochet I present to you Snoopy, realized with a crochet n ° 2 and wool … it measures 10 cm I find it nice ….. (The eyes are a little big but good ….. !!) The model and the video are on the site hook channel …

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Photo break for crocheting turtle

Photo break for crocheting turtle turtle photo crocheting break

Hello and welcome, Everyone becomes a hook fan at home !! Especially since I make boyfriends !! There is Mrs. Turtle posing for the photo (made with hook n ° 2 and wool) Model in English and Spanish right here Explanations of the model: head: rg 1: magic round with …

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A hooked owl from the land of Harry

A hooked owl from the land of Harry hooked harry

No magic or sorcery just a hook !! this owl is realized crochet n ° 3 with pieces of wool. My daughter has adopted her, and of course named her Edwige, she is about 10 cm How not to remember the vicissitudes of Harry Potter? Explanations of the diagram: the …

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Pretty ladybugs crochet

Pretty ladybugs crochet pretty ladybugs crochet

A little ladybird was invited home, I know it’s not the time but she just wanted to get warm I crocheted it in crochet wool n ° 3 diagram : ( Click on the image to enlarge) source of the model: “the bible of the hook, home, decor, children” Explanations …

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Cute crochet hedgehog

Cute crochet hedgehog hedgehog crochet

Hello and welcome A hedgehog really core !! I have every interest in hiding my basket before this hedgehog mimi comes to eat my fruit …… If you want to see what’s in my basket, I invite you to click right here Click on the image to enlarge Thank you …

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Amigurumi monkey jester

Amigurumi monkey jester monkey jester amigurumi

I hope this little monkey is not going to eat my bananas !! I adopted it while walking on the internet and I think to realize it soon You will find it in the picasa gallery Todoamigurumi *************************************** Another crocheted monkey model it’s pretty crazy the similarity between these two …

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